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10 Jobs Perfect for Retired Active Adults

10 Jobs Perfect for Retired Active Adults --women working

It’s official. Your full-time commitment to your career is over. Surrounded by colleagues and champagne, you celebrated your hard-earned retirement. However, what used to be a definitive ending is now often a new beginning. These days retirement may indeed close one door but leaves you free to open new ones.

For some, it’s strictly numbers. Too much month at the end of the money means it is imperative to find a new source of supplemental income. For others, it’s about staying busy, active and involved with other people. Then there are those who can now pursue a passion that simmered for decades on the back burner while practicality dictated a more lucrative career path.

So, what does job hunting look like for the over 55 set? Well this time around, there are a few different issues to consider. What kind of work setting would you prefer? After spending 30 years behind a desk, maybe a part-time job outside in the fresh air might be fun. If you have physical limitations, you will want an environment that is comfortable and easy to navigate. Maybe your circumstances require a job that can be done out of a home office. Wherever you work, you don’t want responsibilities that will send you to the chiropractor.

Take a look at this list of senior jobs. Maybe one of them will be your next part-time adventure.   


Share your expertise and knowledge by tutoring others. With flexible hours, great earning potential and the satisfaction of knowing you are impacting students’ success, tutoring is the senior job that keeps on giving.   

Athletic Coach

If you love sports, how about sharing that enthusiasm with kids? The kids will learn the game and you’ll have a chance to interact with them while staying active. It’s a win/win.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Attention animal lovers! Get some exercise and enjoy the company of four legged companions as a dog walker. You can take it a step further by offering to pet sit while clients go on vacation.


After decades of working in your chosen field, you have become an expert. Why not

share your knowledge and experience by working as a consultant? You might find part-time employment at your old company or other companies who do similar work.   

Youth Monitor

Schools and libraries are often looking for someone to oversee small groups of children. It’s a great way use your grandparent skills and connect with kids.

Virtual Assistant

Your comfort with technology, writing skills and attention to detail would make you the perfect virtual assistant. It’s an opportunity to work from home and still be an integral part of a team.


Selling on the floor or working the cash register facilitates interaction with all kinds of people. Often these jobs come with the perk of great store discounts.

Tax Preparer

Your accounting background could be your ticket to a part-time tax preparation job. You’ll work long hours through tax season’s crunch time, and have plenty of leisure time the rest of the year.


If your grandkids are miles away, become a part-time nanny and bring your caring and experience to someone else’s little one.

Restaurant Host

If you are a people person, yours could be the friendly face that meets and greets customers at their favorite restaurant.

Find the right senior job and enjoy the best of all worlds: Some extra money and plenty of freedom to enjoy the perks of retirement.