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6 Top Reasons to Retire to North Carolina

So, have you been wracking your brain to figure out what the Venus Fly Trap, Krispy Kreme and great tax breaks have in common? Well,...mystery solved. They are all indigenous to North Carolina and just three on an impressive list of attractions drawing more and more seniors to the Tar Heel state—though perhaps not necessarily in that order. Throw in moderate temperatures with an average of 213 sunny days annually and small wonder retirees are flocking to North Carolina’s active adult communities. 

Now that you’re ready to rightsize and embrace the active adult life, North Carolina may check all your boxes.

Why Retire in North Carolina?

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

2013 saw the passage of some very tax-friendly legislation in North Carolina. For example, Social Security income is now exempt from state income tax, a provision that directly impacts retirees. The sweeping changes also lowered income taxes to a flat rate and did away with estate taxes altogether. In January of 2017, corporate taxes were lowered to 3%, spelling promise for seniors looking to create a second act. Consider the fact that property taxes for retirees in North Carolina are also low and the numbers are making seniors smile.

A State with a View

North Carolina is a hiker’s paradise, but you don’t have to endure the Appalachian Trail to take advantage of three mountain ranges worth of exquisite scenery. From the Great Smokies, to the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Appalachians, the mountains of North Carolina boast stunning waterfalls, towering trees, and tons of wildlife, not to mention some of America’s best craft beer. There are resorts spread throughout the mountain regions offering the gamut of summer and winter outdoor pursuits.

A Day at the Beach

The shores of the Outer Banks may be North Carolina’s most famous beaches but they are hardly the only choice. The state’s coastline is filled with more than 300 miles of beautiful beaches, each with its own distinct vibe. Many have the added attraction of bordering a quaint coastal town. Explore the coast until you find the beach you want to call your own.

Blasts from the Past

History buffs will be drawn to Civil War sites and other interactive memorials commemorating North Carolina’s colorful past. When you need a break from the mountains and the sea, there is much to explore, including the Fort Raleigh National Historical Site which examines the mysterious plight of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

Some Serious BBQ

There’s barbecue sauce, and there’s North Carolina Barbecue Sauce, not to be confused with any other. Dedicated BBQ aficionados will gladly point you to certified, authentic North Carolina barbecue sauce so you can truly feel at home.

Best Places to Retire in North Carolina

Overture’s North Carolina communities offer our signature turnkey stress-free lifestyle, enhanced by the backdrop of the Tar Heel state’s unmatched natural beauty. Centennial and Crabtree in Raleigh, Cary in Morrisville, and Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill are some of the best active retirement communities in North Carolina, environments created for the sole purpose of supporting your exciting active adult lifestyle.

Whether looking for a financial equation that adds up, longing for regular access to world-class beaches, or just craving a Krispy Kreme, North Carolina may be the active adult living destination with your name on it.