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7 Reasons to Choose a 55+ Active Adult Community Sooner than Later

Reasons to Choose a 55+ Active Adult Community Sooner

New members of an active adult community come from all walks of life. They represent a diverse assortment of ethnic backgrounds, ages, professions, geographical roots, and personalities. And yet, once they make the decision to “rightsize” and begin embracing the stress-free, lock and leave resort worthy lifestyle of the active adult community, they ask the same question: “Why didn’t we do it sooner?”

Initially, many resist the idea of transitioning out of the family home and can’t envision what the next step holds. But, they quickly see the beauty of a simpler, less encumbered existence. They celebrate letting go of all the responsibilities of home ownership and focusing on expanding their social network and broadening their horizons with new adventures.

The consensus is: You don’t fully realize what a burden home ownership is at this stage—until you’re free of it.

If you are still on the fence about embracing the good life and knowing when to move to a senior living community, consider these 7 benefits of 55+ community living sooner rather than later.

Social Opportunities

Often separated from families who live out of town, many older adults find themselves living lives of isolation which can be detrimental to emotional and physical health. With a huge assortment of social activities, classes, and events, active adult communities create the perfect foundation for meaningful relationships. Neighbors soon become friends who will be there for each other to celebrate the good times and support each other when the need arises.

The Lifestyle

When it comes to active adult communities, the keyword is active. The long list of clubs, classes, organizations, activities, and scheduled events will fill days and nights with fun, enriching, meaningful experiences. Amenities, like state of the art fitness centers, full-service spas, theaters, and chef kitchens provide the perfect setting for active adults to pursue all the interests they finally have time for.

Life on One Floor

Active adult communities are all about focusing your energy on the activities that make you happy, not expending unnecessary energy running up and down the stairs. You won’t believe how much easier life is when it’s all on one floor.

Finding New Purpose

The loss of purpose that may accompany the empty nest, can have a serious impact on the health and well-being of older adults. One of the major benefits of active adult living is easy active to multitudes of engaging and purposeful opportunities. Whether you are inspired by a new hobby, a new class or joining a group to volunteer to help others, research shows that sense of purpose and anticipation will support your mental health and help keep your brain sharp.

Community Curb Appeal

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a beautiful, well-maintained community—that you are not responsible for maintaining? Active adult communities provide all the curb appeal, without the tedious aggravation of dealing with the landscaper. It’s the best of all aesthetic worlds.

Keep Learning and Growing

Active adult communities provide endless educational opportunities to keep residents inspired and engaged. Taking a cooking class to create a new culinary masterpiece or studying an era of history that is of interest will be both fun and enlightening.

Be Your Best Self

You’ve paid your dues. You’ve raised great kids, worked hard at your job, and taken care of aging parents. This is your time and becoming part of an active adult community is the perfect way to maximize your wellbeing during this wonderful chapter of life. The longer you wait, the more fun you will be missing!