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Best Discounts Available for Active Adults Over 50

Congratulations! You’ve turned 50.  There are two words you’ll be happy to hear—and they’re not happy birthday.

Senior Discounts!

As you contemplate the path to retirement—and a future with, how shall we say, a less vigorous influx of cash—senior discounts can help even out the equation. With a little detective work, many of these price breaks can be yours beginning at age 50.

Remember, though there are senior citizen discounts available for virtually every service or activity you can think of, nobody is going to offer them to you. So, whether you are looking to save some money dining, flying, museum hopping or bungy jumping, don’t forget to ask!

They say the grandkids can soak up your retirement money even faster than the IRS. A good eye for senior savings may provide just that cushion you need to indulge them to your heart’s content.


When searching out the best senior discounts, AARP is a great place to start. Their mobile app, AARP Now, is compatible with both Iphones and Androids and will connect you to an entire universe of discounts. Categories include retailers, restaurants, entertainment, travel, groceries and hosts of others. Find benefits, discounts, and limited time offers or browse by category and chart new territory.  Eligibility for most discounts starts at age 50, but there are even more senior discounts over 55.

Groupon Senior Discounts Club

Groupon Seniors Discount Club is another app dedicated to providing savings opportunity info. From transportation, to dining to entertainment, Groupon offers great incentives for making the most of retirement.


Senior discounts at restaurants come in all kinds of savings. From a free beverage with a meal to 20% off any menu item. Every restaurant has different age parameters.

Movie Theaters

Movie theater chains like AMC, Regal and Cinemark have always offered discounted tickets for seniors. But, again, the kid at the ticket window is not going to automatically assume your young looking, active adult self qualifies for the savings. Don’t be shy!

Travel and Hotels

Hotels, rental companies, and cruise lines offer great travel discounts for seniors, with many breaks available for 50+. Once you get where you’re going, you’ll find seniors welcomed with lower prices at tourist attractions like museums, zoos, aquariums, and parks.

Grocery Stores and Drugstores

Grocery stores and drugstores have their own individual deals for seniors. Typically, senior discounts at grocery stores are available on specified days of the week. You may need to ask for a special discount card. Drugstores often offer senior discounts of up 20% one day each month.

Department Stores

It’s definitely worth a trip to the service desk to find out the days your department store will offer the most bang for your senior buck.  

The big 50 means you are on, or about to get on, the retirement train. You may not have exactly boarded the train yet, but you are certainly lined up at that metaphorical ticket window.

Don’t forget to ask for your discount!