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Best Movies and Shows for Seniors

What do you do when life hands you lemons? Well, you make lemonade, of course. It’s true our activities outside the home are somewhat restricted for the moment. Hence, the lemons. However, delicious lemonade is flowing freely and abundantly from our small, medium, and large screen devices in the form of an unlimited selection of TV series, movies, and documentaries. 

Actually, the “freely” part may be an overstatement. Some will cost you, but nominal subscription charges are worth access to an unprecedented assortment of TV for seniors. Whatever your mood you can pull up a chair and click on apps like Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video to enjoy new releases or old favorites from the safety and comfort of your own space. Very tasty lemonade indeed.

Check out some of the best TV shows, senior movies, and documentaries your peers are raving about.


Grace and Frankie

In six seasons' worth of brilliant writing, you’ll love the journey of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, AKA Grace and Frankie. Without giving anything away, the show centers around two women—polar opposites in lifestyle and personality—who learn they do actually have something in common. Their long time husbands are in love with each other. The series is about the evolution of Grace and Frankie”s friendship as they navigate the terrain of their new reality as single seniors together.

The Kominsky Method

Move over Jane and Lily! Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are outstanding in The Kominsky Method, a dramedy that focuses on their friendship and the issues and challenges of senior life. This is TV for seniors at its finest.


Based on the Diana Gabaldon Outlander novels, this romantic drama series will keep you riveted as you travel through time with Claire and experience 18th century history through the eyes of a 20th-century woman. Alongside Jamie, her swashbuckling hunk of a husband, Claire experiences adventures that span two continents. A perfect choice to curl up to on a cold night.

Planet Earth

When it comes to nature documentaries, Planet Earth is the gold standard. The most expensive documentary series ever produced, it is filled with breathtaking footage of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. Armchair traveling at its best.

The Crown

In this series, meet a young Queen Elizabeth and watch her grow into her role as sovereign. The show begins in the 1940s and follows her personal and political life while giving a historical perspective of the 20th century.  


Becoming is an intimate documentary featuring Michelle Obama. Touring for her best-selling book of the same name, the former first lady celebrates her connection with others as she opens up about her personal life and hopes for the future.

Amazon Prime

The Wire

Though originally aired in 2002, The Wire has attained classic status, putting it on a par with iconic

shows like The Sopranos and Sex in the City. Those in search of a gritty police drama will be instantly hooked. Five seasons will keep you busy for a while!

A Place to Call Home

Available on Amazon Prime Video through the Acorn subscription, A Place to Call Home is six seasons of irresistible television. Think Dynasty meets Downton Abbey—on the Ponderosa. Romance and intrigue abound in this beloved Australian series.

800 Words

It’s not a great time to travel, but 800 Words, also available through Acorn, will take you to New Zealand and you’ll come to love the quirky natives of this tiny seaside town.

Bomb Girls

This series takes place in a Canadian bomb factory during World War II. Constructed around the lives and loves of the young women who risked their lives to create dangerous weapons, this series is part soap opera and a part history lesson.


The Goldfinch

Based on the best-selling novel, The Goldfinch is a beautifully crafted movie that follows the path of a young man whose life is shaped by a traumatic event.

Richard Jewell

Richard Jewel is a Clint Eastwood-directed movie about the man falsely accused of setting off the bomb in Centennial Olympic Park during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

The Bucket List

An oldie, but goodie from 2008, The Bucket List chronicles the adventures of two senior cancer patients who escape from the hospital and embark on a road trip armed with bravado and a wish list.

Don’t forget there are tons of movies on HBO, Showtime, and Starz, free with a subscription. Once you decide where you want to find your viewing entertainment, your biggest problem will be juggling all the options. Whatever you choose, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn something new—and you’ll never have to leave the couch. Enjoy!


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