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Decorating Tips for Those Downsizing

Something's not quite right. The house that was so perfect in the past is not really working in the present – and is suddenly not where you see your future. You can envision a living space that is efficient and comfortable, where you can live a carefree, turnkey lifestyle in a community with like minded peers.

And there you have the very definition of rightsizing.

The concept of shedding the ungainly, old money pit in favor of stress free, cost effective, low maintenance living used to be known as “downsizing.” But the term has evolved into a word that more accurately describes the mission: Rightsizing. It literally means living the right life, at the right time, in the home that is exactly right for you.

Overture’s premier active adult communities are laser focused on every aspect of rightsizing for seniors. From resort worthy facilities to unlimited opportunities for physical, mental, and social enrichment, Overture exists to accommodate this exciting chapter of life. Nowhere is senior fun taken more seriously. 

Once you’ve made the decision to embrace the 55+ life, the first order of business on the downsizing home checklist is wading through decades of accumulation to streamline your possessions. This can be a challenging undertaking, so give yourself ample time to figure out what will be trash, what will be donated and what will become part of your new life. Most important downsizing tip for seniors: Do the math. Apartments are smaller than houses. Less is more.

Remember, as you clutch your grown children’s old 4th grade art projects, clutter is not a design motif. But there are lots of other imaginative ways to maximize your space and create a rightsized environment that is, well… just right for you.

Here are a few rightsizing design tips to get you started.

Maximize the Space

At its core, apartment decorating is about space planning and tricking the eye into thinking there is more square footage than there actually is. For example, careful furniture arrangements that leave walkways between living areas clear, glass or mirrored accent pieces that offset heavier furnishings, and a darker accent wall in a white room, can create the perception of more space.

Pick a Statement Piece

Create a focal point with a splashy rug or fun painted bookshelf. One or two statement pieces are all you need to set a mood.

Photos or Personalized Artwork

Hanging photos of your kids, grandkids and friends is a great way to fill an empty wall. You’ll be able to display meaningful photos without adding clutter, while lending a personal touch to the surroundings.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a simple and elegant way to anchor your furniture but also create boundaries between living spaces. That’s especially important in an apartment with a combined living and dining area. To change a room’s perspective try shifting that rug 90 degrees and angling the furniture.

Little Details Can Make a Big Impact

Small changes like refreshing bedding, and adding colorful accent pillows or plants and flowers are inexpensive and go a long way toward setting the desired ambiance.

Overture professionals are standing by to schedule a tour of the Overture active adult community of your choice. Find out what Overture’s excited residents already know: Now is the right time to rightsize.