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Fun Activities for Seniors in Colorado this Spring

There is a transformation taking place. The winter wonderland is in retreat, making way for the drama of spring splendor. That’s Colorado for you. Every season is a unique showcase of Mother Nature’s special magic. The earth comes alive after its long sleep, nudging flora and fauna back to life. Exotic wildflowers fill the landscape. They don’t call Colorado the Colorful State for nothing.

In the warmer months, the long list of things to do in Colorado for seniors is even longer. Here are a few options to consider now that spring has sprung.

Follow the Wildflowers

Always high on the list of spring activities for seniors in Denver is a wildflower hike. Take in breathtaking scenery along the way as you witness the rebirth of magnificent wildflowers. There are tons of trails to explore all over the state. From Denver, it’s a few hours to Crested Butte, notable as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. But, if you are looking for a trail closer to Denver, your best bet is Willow Creek Trail in Roxborough State Park. Willow Creek is a 1.4-mile loop known for its wildflowers as well as its bird-watching opportunities.

Try a Relaxing Soak

Hot springs, those geothermally heated natural bathtubs, are high in mineral content and long believed to be good for what ails us. Colorado is literally swimming with soaking opportunities. The closest to Denver is historic Indian Hot Springs. Its main mineral water swimming pool is covered by a translucent dome and surrounded by an indoor tropical forest. It’s heated to a delicious 90 to 100 degrees. There are also outdoor Jacuzzis filled with hot springs water as well as men’s and women’s geothermal caves. Fun fact: Those caves were carved into the mountainside in the early 20th century. Another fun fact: Caves are bathing suit optional. Relax and rejuvenate as you celebrate spring. Ahhhhhh

The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Railway

Drive a short 90 minutes from Denver to experience an unforgettable spectacle. Climb aboard the Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway and ascend over 14,000 feet up to Pikes Peak. The train wends its way around waterfalls, cascading streams, and lush forests of aspen and pine. It’s a 3-hour and 10-minute trip of a lifetime. As a senior activity in Denver, this one is outstanding.

Spring Festivals

Colorado is famous for its festival culture. There are spring celebrations that showcase food, art, music, and shopping all over the state. Whether you’re looking for a local outing or an overnighter, grab some buddies and become part of the festivities.

Old Colorado City

High on the list of fun activities for seniors in Colorado is a day trip back into the past. A little over an hour outside Denver is Old Colorado City, an authentic western town boasting buildings erected a century and half ago. Today those landmark buildings house shops, restaurants and a wide variety of art galleries. Every first Friday of the month, the town hosts FirstFriday ArtWalk which showcases the galleries and open artist studios.

Book a tour today at Overture 9th and Co, or Overture Central Park, Overture’s premium active adult communities in Denver. Fresh air, 300 days of sunshine, and a community of enthusiastic welcoming peers await. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings - for wildflowers and seniors.