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Fun Arts and Craft Projects for Seniors

Spiritually uplifting. Mentally stimulating. Creatively satisfying. Hard to believe something so simple and easily accessible could possibly check all those boxes, but arts and crafts for seniors absolutely does!

In fact, according to the George Washington University’s Creativity and Aging Study, the list of senior arts and craft benefits includes:

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Social interaction

  • Improved cognition and memory

  • Improved self-esteem

  • More happiness

  • Less boredom

And let’s not forget the fun factor. Even when active adults were socially limited by Covid, arts and crafts projects were a great way to stay entertained.

If you’re ready to awaken your inner Picasso, check out this introductory list of easy crafts for seniors. Whether you want to sew, paint or dabble in photo crafts, all you need are a few supplies and a positive attitude.

Thread the Needle

  • Book Cover: A colorful book cover can brighten up your bookshelves.
  • Heating Bag: With a little fabric and a little rice, you can sew microwave-safe heating bags to warm up achy joints.
  • Accent Pillows: Accent pillows are the finishing touches to any décor.
  • Pillowcase: A personalized pillowcase warms up the bedroom.
  • Dish Cloth: If you are handy with knitting needles, dishcloths are easy to make and useful.
  • Memory Quilt: Your family will love to contribute materials to a personalized memory quilt featuring fabric from meaningful items.

Get Out the Paint Brush

  • Adult Coloring Books: Adult coloring books are all the rage. Relieve stress as you color your way toward relaxation and create something beautiful.
  • Artistic Mirrors: Revive and refresh an old, framed mirror with a little imagination and some spray paint.
  • Terra Cotta Pots: Add some dazzle to your garden pots with a freehand or stencil design.
  • Pinecones: The grandkids will love to help you create decorative pinecones as a centerpiece for the next family dinner.
  • Painted Rocks: Painted rocks transform your garden into a fantasy of colorful shapes and creatures.

Personalized Photo Crafts

  • Scrapbook: Take a wonderful walk down memory lane while you create a scrapbook you can enjoy forever.
  • Photo Collage: Decorate your walls with your favorite photos by arranging a collage of photos on a piece of wood, canvas, or corkboard.
  • Photo Magnets: With sheets of adhesive magnetic material, it’s easy to decorate the fridge with your favorite photos. Fun and useful!
  • Photo Cube: You’ll enjoy seeing family and friends from every angle of your personalized photo cube.
  • Photo Coasters: Your guests will love getting to know your family on your photo coasters.
  • Photo Enhanced Flowerpot: Decorate a flowerpot with your favorite photos. Embellish with other decorative details or a favorite saying.

Spring Crafts for Seniors

  • Spring Wreath: A spring wreath is a beautiful way to celebrate the change of seasons. It can be as simple or decorative as you wish.
  • Pressed Flowers: Pressed flowers are an oldie but goodie senior craft project. Collect your favorite colorful flowers and once pressed, they can be laminated into a bookmark.
  • Picture Frame: Repurpose a plain picture frame with spring decorations like silk flowers, ribbons and beads. Then, put your favorite photo in it!
  • Garden Flag: So simple and so much fun to make. Decorate a rectangular piece of outdoor fabric any way you choose and show off your flag in the garden.
Join one of Overture’s premier active adult communities and get your craft on with friends at any one of our wide variety of creative art classes. Tapping into your artistic potential will add a creative, new dimension to active adult life. Ready, set, craft!