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Great Gift Ideas for Grandchildren this Holiday Season

Buying stuff for the grandkids is really fun. Figuring out just what to buy said little princes and princesses can be less fun. Sorting through the endless potential gifts for grandchildren can drive seniors to a double at happy hour! This season, think outside the tech and toy box to find meaningful gifts the kids will love and remember – for more than 10 minutes.

Make it Personal

Personalized gifts for grandchildren can work for any age group. Personalized books, picture frames, mugs, computer cases, or clothing are both fun and functional. And just think, every time your precious little one reads, or drinks, or opens their computer, they will think of you and be motivated to FaceTime!

The Gift of Time

Let the parents deal with updating iPads, and buying ice skates, or baseball mitts. Instead of adding more clutter to the already overloaded premises, why not give a gift that includes spending time together?

Take a Class

The best part of enrolling your grandkid in a class is you will be there too! Taking a class together is a great way to pin older kids down for quality time and strengthen the bond between you.

Get on Board

Purchase a board game and be sure to schedule a playdate!  

Check out Ticketmaster

Surprise your grandkids with tickets to a kid-friendly performance on stage or ice, or a concert featuring an artist they love. Disney on Ice is always a hit with the younger kids. If you live out of town, schedule the event for your next visit. They will love sharing the experience with you.

Buy a Zoo Pass

Purchase a family zoo pass for the kids. If you live out of town, buy a pass near your senior living facility and you can use it when they visit. Or you can buy them a pass to the zoo near them and they can call you and tell you about their visit afterward.

A Day at the Museum

Passes to kid-friendly institutions like natural history museums, nature centers, art museums, or botanical gardens are a gift you can enjoy with the whole family. If you live out of town, your grandkids will be so excited to share this gift with you on their next visit. The bottom line: Any gift that facilitates time with the grandkids is a win/win.

Keepsakes are Special

Instead of agonizing over which hot new “it” thing to purchase, take a walk down memory lane and create a keepsake the kids will cherish. Thanks to digital platforms like Shutterfly, it’s easy to create photo books that commemorate the past. This is a gift the kids will love and continue to appreciate as they get older. You might also want to make a collage of your special times with them. These are the kinds of grandchildren gifts that genuinely keep on giving.

When it comes to holiday gift ideas for the grandkids, remember: Even the coolest toys wind up in the garage bin sooner rather than later. On the other hand, the coolest grandparents are the ones who stay in touch, stay involved, and never skimp on the hugs and kisses. They never go out of style.