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Halloween Costume Ideas for Seniors: Fun and Comfortable Outfits

Myth: Halloween is just for kids.

Fact: Dressing up for Halloween can be a hoot at any age.

So, here’s the question: Did your kids trick or treat wearing a sheet with eyeholes? Or were you one of those crafty parents who transformed their kids into mailboxes or pieces of pizza or authentic-looking space aliens that made the rest of the parents cower in fear and failure every October?  

Well, that was then, and this is now. No matter which category you fell into as a parent, Halloween costumes for seniors are a whole different cauldron of fish. This time the person you’re creating for is you. Hence your only goal is to please yourself and have fun doing it. Scaring the grandkids or trick-or-treaters is just an added bonus.

Whether the Halloween party at your active adult community calls for a costume that is creative, scary, or just silly, the key is to wear it joyfully - and comfortably. Translation: At some point during the festivities, you may need to use the restroom. The one-piece cat suit might be less than, well... purrfect.

Again, to be clear, the first rule of Halloween costumes for senior citizens is comfort. The second rule is ignoring input from your kids and grandkids who may assume there is such a thing as age-appropriate costumes for Grandma and Grandpa. If you want to be a Ninja Turtle, go for it. Wonder Woman? Why not? Or create a fabulous costume that celebrates some famous person those whippersnappers never heard of. Who cares if they don’t recognize you? Your friends at your 55+ community will.

Check out these ideas for senior Halloween costumes. Maybe one of them will connect with your inner Halloween spirit.

Screen Legends

Past and present stars of stage and screen make great Halloween costumes. Beloved silent film star Charlie Chaplin is a fan favorite. The Charlie Chaplin costume is easy to create and comes with its own built-in shtick. Start with some baggy pants, an old tattered blazer, and a dress shirt and tie. Throw in a cane, bowler hat, and fake mustache, and voila! You are the Little Tramp. 

Comic Book Favorites

Grab your honey or a buddy and be the hit of the party as an iconic comic couple like Popeye and Olive Oyl. To transform into Popeye you’ll need blue pants, a black T-shirt, a yellow belt, and red fabric for a collar. Add Popeye’s signature dixie cup hat, corncob pipe, and pantyhose in which to stuff arm muscles and you are good to go.

Olive’s outfit consists of a black skirt, a red long-sleeved shirt, a yellow ribbon for the skirt hem, and an adhesive felt for the shirt collar. With a few “Oh dears” from Olive and “I ams what I ams and that’s all that I ams,” from Popeye, you’ll win the best costume prize for sure.

And of course, any and all superheroes -  past and present - are a welcome addition to the party.

Go Freaky Friday

Plenty of kids choose to dress as seniors on Halloween. Turn the tables and dress like one of the kids. Become a typical millennial, complete with trendy clothes and the requisite headphones!

Sports Legends

It’s easy to find jerseys and sports gear to become your favorite sports hero.

Tried and True

Don’t ignore the old standbys. Every Halloween party needs a wicked witch or two. Grab the old hat and broomstick and away you go. A simple black outfit with a pair of cat ears will also do the trick – as long as it is a two-piece outfit!

Celebrate this Halloween at the Overture active adult community of your choice. Your neighbors may come up with spooky costumes, but there is nothing scary about becoming part of Overture’s warm and friendly community.

Book a tour today – with or without a costume. You’re welcome exactly as you are.

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