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How to Make Fitness More Enjoyable for Active Adults

Nobody is arguing the importance of fitness plans for seniors. Staying strong and flexible is the key to maintaining quality of life as we age. But, how we achieve this goal is definitely up for discussion.

Yes, we should push ourselves to our comfortable limits and give our muscles a workout. But we certainly don’t have to overdo it! Working up a sweat can be joyful as well as beneficial.  When you are considering different exercise options, make sure to remember to emphasize how fun it can be!

Here are a few options to consider as you seek an exercise plan that works for both body and mood.

Explore New Territory

Nothing gets the blood flowing like trying something new. For some, at this time of year, that may mean joining a weekly mall walking group. Take a brisk, invigorating walk and then reward yourself with lively conversation and the coffee of your choice.

Now is also a great time to try a new fitness class. Rightsize into any Overture active adult community and choose from an unlimited list of senior fitness classes designed specifically to maximize your fitness level without increasing your risk of injury. Whether you shake your body in a dance class, gently improve strength and balance with tai chi, or join a stretch and tone class, you will spend safe, quality time with friends while supporting your wellbeing. It may not be listed in the class description but be advised to expect plenty of laughter and fun!

Grab the Grandkids

What could be more fun than combining physical activity and an adventure with the grandkids? No matter what you do with them, they will keep you moving. As if you needed an excuse to hang with the little ones, now you have added incentive to plan regular outings. Visit the zoo, find a nearby playground, or hike in the park. Whatever activity you choose will benefit your body, mind and spirit.

Play in the Pool

Swimming laps or joining a water aerobics class is always a senior fitness fan favorite. Soothing for both body and mind, water based low impact exercise will build strength and endurance as it helps relax your cares away.

Make it a Party

Any exercise program is more fun with a group. If you choose to workout at home, pick your favorite online class, invite a friend or two, and make it a party. Keep the chips and dip handy for a post workout snack. You will have earned it!

Focus on Fun—and Function

Trainers are developing programs that pay attention to balance, core strength, endurance and multi joint flexibility—all of which are necessary to function in life. A body primed to tackle daily tasks like reaching high shelves to put things away, bending to make the bed, or puttering in the garden requires a more comprehensive approach than a few bicep curls. Trainers and classes at Overture’s premier active adult communities are dedicated to putting the fun in functional fitness.

There is no wrong answer to the question of what type of exercise you enjoy. As long as you are mindful of your limitations and careful to minimize the risk of injury, any exercise is the right choice.

Remember, a body at rest will stay at rest. A body in motion will make active adult life the best it can be!