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How to "Spring" into Wellness for Seniors this Year

Can you feel it? The flora and fauna are stirring. The sun is stronger. The breezes are balmier. There is renewed energy all around. Time to turn off the TV, throw away the Doritos, and lace up the sneakers.

Spring is the time of rejuvenation for body and spirit. Just thinking about the season of rebirth can reinvigorate the spirit. For the body, you’ll need that positive attitude – and some actual effort.

Here are some spring wellness tips to boost your spring into fitness.

Be Proactive – but Realistic

Before embarking on your personal spring over 55 workout program, it’s important to accurately assess your current fitness level. You may have been a little more sedentary during the winter months and it might take some time to get back into the swing, swim, or gym of things. So, start small with gentle exercise like an easy walking schedule. Ten minutes of daily walking can quickly become 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes at a stretch. If you’re finally making your way back to the weight room, or cardio equipment at the gym, stay safe by never increasing your weight, time, speed or intensity more than 10% a week.

And Speaking of Stretching…

No matter what sport or activity you choose, a comprehensive stretching routine that wakes up all the various parts of the body can be the difference between fun and a trip to the emergency room.  Warming up big and small muscle groups will help keep you safely in motion on the course, the courts, in the garden, in the pool, or on the Zumba floor. 

Step Outside Your Comfort Level – Outside

There are so many ways to combine love of outdoors with enhanced fitness. Maybe this is your season to be a pioneer and try something new.

Why not:

  • Try a bike ride with friends.
  • Take a hike or go camping.
  • Go kite flying or frisbee throwing in the park.
  • Join a community garden club.
  • Participate in a charity walkathon.
  • Yoga in the park? Namaste.
  • Volunteer at a river or park clean-up.
  • Try a new water sport like paddle boarding or kayaking – or join a water aerobics class.

Find Your Community

Nothing engages the mind, body, and spirit like exercising or socializing with friends. Joining a walking group or fitness class uplifts both the body and mind. For those lucky enough to live in a 55+ community, there are like-minded peers on every floor, just waiting to welcome you into the group. In a world specifically designed to accommodate the needs and desires of the empty nester lifestyle, you are king – or queen.

Spring Cleaning – of the Fridge

High on the list of health and wellness tips for spring: Fruits and veggies. Spring means fresh, local in-season produce galore. Don’t be shy about loading up the fridge with the fruits and vegetables that are so critical to senior health. Grab a buddy and enjoy an outing to the local farmer’s market. Maybe this is the season you will try a new recipe that includes dandelion greens.

Be Kind to Yourself

Remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not sculpted in a day. It may take a while to see the results of your spring fitness efforts, but you will see them. Be patient and try to find activities that you love. It will be easy once you become part of one of Overture’s premier active adult communities and have unlimited options at your fingertips.

‘Tis the season to spring into fun and fitness. Enjoy the journey!