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Minimize Stress with These Apartment Decor Tips

Minimize Stress with These Apartment Decor Tips


Now that you have right-sized into an apartment home, it’s time to transform that square footage into a personalized, stress-free, inviting space that makes coming home an uplifting experience.

The right décor can infuse you with optimism and energy. Here are some relaxing room ideas to create a space that truly makes you feel there’s no place like home.

Room by Room

Every room in your home is important. Try not to turn any one of them into a dumping ground for the stuff you don’t know what to do with. Create harmony by paying attention to every room and celebrating each different space.

Control Clutter

We all have extraneous stuff that seems to multiply while we sleep. In an apartment, even the smallest amount of clutter can feel overwhelming. Those piles of paper on the dining room table can make you feel tense. Try to find a plan for a permanent solution. The less clutter is invading your apartment the more spacious it will feel.

Color Your World

The colors we choose for our surroundings profoundly impact our emotional and physiological wellbeing. Different colors will affect your mood and energy levels differently. Patterns and loud colors can make it more difficult to relax. Conversely, simple designs and colors are soothing. Become aware of the colors that bring out the smile in you and add them to your home in your art, throw pillows, bedding and accent pieces.

Nature is Nurturing 

Nothing soothes the soul like an environment that includes natural elements. Flowers and plants add joyful color to any space while cleaning and re-oxygenating indoor air. Other objects inspired by nature, like small fountains, or wood carvings can be relaxing décor that inspires calm.

Designated Areas

Specifying spaces for work, rest and play help you more effectively switch gears. Carve out an office area for computer tasks and when you are finished, move to an area set up for relaxation. Your body and mind will more peacefully power down as you literally and physically leave work behind.  

Let There Be Light—But Not Too Much

Bright overhead lights are less than optimal for creating a relaxing mood. Experts suggest spotlighting for reading, cooking or highlighting art. Put those overheads on dimmers so you can control the brightness levels. Check out newer light bulbs that give off a more natural light than older options.

Smile the Minute You Open the Door

Let the happiness begin as soon as you set foot in your home. Choose an object or piece of art that speaks to you and showcase it in the entryway. You will see it the moment you step through the door and it will create a positive emotional response.  

A happy relaxing environment will impact your mood and outlook on life. With a little effort and some simple relaxing room ideas, your “home sweet apartment” will become the sanctuary you can’t wait to come home to.