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Popular Food Delivery Options for Older Active Adults

As older adults, we occasionally get nostalgic for a time when technology wasn't pivotal to all aspects of our daily lives. Ah, the good old days. But let’s get real. It’s fine to bask in those wistful memories — as long as nobody tries to take away our ready-made meal delivery apps. 

For active adults who have better things to do than stay home and cook, healthy meals delivered to the front door are an empty nester’s dream. Enjoy happy hour with friends at one of Overture’s active adult communities and then go home to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal that’s already prepared. Food delivery for seniors is a win/win.  

There are sites that’ll deliver regularly, and there are delivery services that bring you takeout from your favorite restaurant whenever the spirit moves. Consider these delicious options.


Designed by dieticians, Freshology menus focus on taste and nutrition. Managing your account online is easy and gives you access to modify your plan, pause or restart your service at will. There are four basic plans to choose from:

·         Balance: Heart-healthy and calorie-controlled

·         Vegetarian: beans, dairy, and some soy, with or without seafood

·         Diabetes: Focus and heart health and keeping blood sugar in check

·         Keto-Carb30: keto-friendly, low carb

If you opt for two meals five days a week, the cost breaks down to about $12.20 per meal. The first thing to do when you go to the site is to plug in your zip code to make sure delivery is available in your area.

Diet To Go

Diet-To-Go offers complete meal delivery as well as free access to a supportive health coach via phone or email. With portion controls, this company is all about healthy eating providing appetizing portion-controlled meals designed for weight loss and management. The four menu plans and cost structure are basically the same as Freshology, plus in some areas, they offer the option of picking up food to save on delivery costs.

Silver Cuisine

With menus developed to offer balanced nutrition for the over 50 set, Silver Cuisine takes delivered meals for seniors seriously. Their repertoire includes over 150 different meals, including specialty options like gluten-free, low-carb, low-sodium, heart-healthy, dairy-free, vegetarian, diabetic, menopause-friendly, or Mediterranean. There are choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they offer an AARP discount. Breakfast will run around $9, and you’ll pay $12 for lunch or dinner. FYI Silver Cuisine has a $19.95 shipping fee on all orders.

Magic Kitchen

Boasting meals free of artificial preservatives, Magic Kitchen offers a wide assortment of healthy choices. The menu is a la carte, which means you can mix and match mains and sides as you please. Programs are flexible, and customers can start and stop service at any time. Magic Kitchen has specifically designed menus to promote senior nutrition, including diabetes-friendly, low-fat, low-sodium, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Costs vary depending on the plan you choose. According to their site, if you order three meals a day for seven days, it will cost between $246 and $275.  

Delivery Dudes

Maybe you want to get takeout from your favorite local restaurant. Check out Delivery Dudes to see if they service your neck of the woods. You can set up an account on their site and have your favorite pizza or the gourmet meal of your choice show up at your door right in time for dinner.

Choose the plan that works for you and then start thinking about what you will do with all that newly acquired free time. Bon appetit!