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Reflecting on the Year: Setting Positive Intentions for 2024

It's that time again. Our brains are on a swivel as we ponder both past and future. We are looking back to reflect on the year that is ending, while setting our intentions for moving forward in this brand-new year. Analyzing where we’ve been and considering where we want to go is a quest involving the heart and the head. How do we feel about ourselves and our world? What changes do we want to make? Are our 2024 resolutions reasonably within our grasp?

Yep, mulling past and future can create a challenging present.

Wading through the minefield of our thoughts, feelings, and aspirations is an exercise of the most personal kind, not necessarily a preferred topic of conversation with others. Hence the popularity of journaling.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions for older adults, putting pen to paper – or hands to keyboard – can enhance self-awareness and help provide a sense of focus and clarity. According to studies, journaling offers the added benefit of reducing depression and stress.

As you begin considering the road already taken, and the one that lies ahead, maybe the following journal prompts will inspire you to chronicle your path to self-discovery.

What Were Your Most Memorable Accomplishments and Challenges in 2023?

First, pat yourself on the back. Remembering your proudest moments and the toughest hurdles you faced this past year is an effective way to begin your journal. Think about the obstacles you overcame and what you achieved, despite them. If your year did not go completely as you had hoped, allow yourself to experience honest emotions, even regret or disappointment. Think about what you can change to achieve better results in 2024.

Find 5 Reasons to Be Grateful

Gratitude is key to appreciating the positive aspects of our lives. In fact, research shows the more you appreciate what you have, the happier you feel. Write down five things – or people – that have made your life better this past year. Maybe it is something or someone who has brought you joy or provided support. Perhaps it is those adorable grandkids who think you hung the moon. Take a moment to acknowledge how lucky you are to have whomever or whatever you choose to write about in your life.

What Do You Want to Learn in 2024?

Consider which skills or qualities you’d like to develop or improve upon in 2024. Explore French cooking, hone your tech expertise, or work on some aspect of personal growth - like becoming more patient or adaptable. Committing to a program of learning is the New Year’s resolution for older adults that keeps on giving.  

Are You the Best You Can Be?

Think about your routine of self-care. What regular practices have benefitted your health and well-being this past year? Are you nourishing the body with healthy eating habits and exercise? Are you nourishing your spirit with new friendships and intellectual pursuits? If the answer to any of those questions is no, it’s clearly time to join an Overture senior apartment community. Overture’s state-of-the-art fitness center, vast and varied activity schedule, and unlimited social opportunities are all about facilitating your best self. Before your boxes are unpacked, any no to the questions above will become a vigorous YES!

Book a tour at the Overture living senior apartment complex of your choice today. “Rightsizing” is the 2024 New Year’s resolution that will make this time the time of your life.

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