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Smart Home Solutions for Seniors: Transforming Your Apartment into a Tech Haven

First there was the fax machine. Remember when it seemed like the innovation of the century? And now if you tried to explain that technology to your grandkid, they’d ask where you parked your dinosaur! Seriously, how can you talk tech to somebody who has no idea how cool the electric typewriter was.

Hey, you tell those naysayers it was truly life changing at the time.

To say today’s world is slightly more technically evolved than the one you grew up in is the epitome of gross understatement. Did you ever imagine getting into your car and having it already know where you are going? Did you ever imagine your 2-year-old grandkid grabbing your Ipad and finding their favorite show in 5 seconds flat?

Yep. Your car and your grandkids are smarter than you.

Sure, it can all be a bit intimidating. But it can also be wonderful. There are so many ways in which smart tech for seniors can streamline and enhance this chapter of life. Check out these devices and apps specifically designed to make life in senior living apartments easier, safer, more comfortable.

Voice Activated Assistants

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home’s “Hey Google,” and Apple’s Siri can answer questions, dictate news and weather, set timers in the kitchen, and control other smart home devices like lights and televisions.  If they are connected to an account, they can make purchases at your behest. These devices can also set automatic reminders for tasks like medication and events like doctor appointments. In the event of an emergency, they can place outbound calls and receive voice activated first aid instructions. Are the kids and grandkids teasing you about being technologically out of step? Tell them to take it up with Alexa!

Smart Pill Dispenser

This is a piece of smart tech that can literally save your life. Load your medications into a smart pill dispenser and program it to disperse them according to the prescribed schedule. Some of these devices even come with locking mechanisms to prevent accidental overdose. Taking the right medication at the right time can be the difference between life and death.

Fall Detection Sensors

When it comes to smart home technology for seniors, fall detection sensors rank high on the list. Falls are a major concern for seniors. These sophisticated sensors have the ability to detect a fall and immediately alert connected family, friends or first responders.  

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature in your senior living apartment from your phone. If you’ve left home and forgotten to turn down the heat, you can simply pull out your phone and adjust it. When it’s really cold outside, you can turn up the heat on the way home so the apartment is nice and cozy when you get there. If you’re lying in bed and feeling a little cold, there is no need to get up. Just reach for your phone and voila! Your wish is your thermostat’s command.

Robotic Vacuums

What Donna Reed wouldn’t have done for a robotic vacuum! She spent an awful lot of time in shirtwaist and pearls wielding that heavy vacuum cleaner. These nifty devices can navigate the floor on their own hunting down dust and dirt for you. They can move around and underneath furniture and get to those hard-to-reach places. Pour a cocktail, put your feet up and let your robot do its thing.

Once you rightsize into an Overture senior apartment, you can look forward to a community that works for you on every level – physically, emotionally, socially…and of course technologically! Book a tour at the Overture community of your choice today.

Now that’s smart.

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