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Steps to Choosing the Right Community that Meets Your Loved Ones’ Needs

choosing the right senior living community for parents

After much discussion, your parents have finally decided to rightsize! It’s a milestone for the whole family to celebrate! Now that it’s official, the only thing left to do is figure out where they will be spending this new and exciting chapter of their lives.

When choosing the right senior living community, there are several major areas of criteria to consider. Are your parents moving together? Or will this be a single parent situation? Is your geographic location a factor in their choice? It’s time for a family sit down to explore the possibilities. Here are a few conversation starters.

Location, Location, Location

The first and most important question: Where? Will your parents want to stay close to their current location or move to a different part of the country? A warmer climate, maybe? If you and your children live out of town, will your parents consider relocating to be closer to all of you? Some communities are more suburban or bucolic. Others provide easy access to major cities and all they have to offer. There are also options that offer more proximity to beaches or scenic mountains. This decision is all about choosing the environment that will stimulate and inspire your loved ones.

Who Are They?

Each active adult community features slightly different layouts and amenities. Each has its own draw, whether it is the proximity to championship golf courses, an active tennis facility or a fitness schedule that appeals to residents’ inner gym rat. There are also variations in living spaces. As you explore the options, think about what type of home and community would best suit your parents’ personalities. Ask to see class schedules and check out fitness facilities.  

How Are They?

Choosing the right type of senior housing is as much about how your parents are as who they are. If they need care or support, there are assisted living options that provide varying level of services. If they are looking for the freedom of a stress-free, turnkey lifestyle, an active adult apartment community could be the perfect fit. Providing the endless social opportunities that are so critical to maintaining health and well-being at this time of life, an active adult community is designed to enhance both the quality and longevity of life.

Go Where the Action Is

For a vibe geared toward the young at heart, look for a community that is age qualified to the 55+ crowd. The last thing right-sizers need when taking a daily power walk is to dodge teenagers whizzing by on skateboards or bikes. An active adult community designed with your parents and their needs in mind will provide an atmosphere that is safe, welcoming, fun, and filled with potential new friends.

Don’t Rely on Brochures

Once you and your loved ones have narrowed down the choices, make appointments to visit each one. Encourage your parents to hang out for a Happy Hour to get a feel for the neighbors. Maybe they can sit in on a lecture or participate in a fitness class. It’s will be easier to picture fitting into a community once they’ve experienced it up close and personally. Make it a point to join them so you can feel confident they will be living in a safe, friendly environment. Explore the surrounding neighborhood to get a sense of life outside the community as well.

Choosing the right senior living community will maximize your parents’ enjoyment of this exciting chapter of life. Make it a family adventure!