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The Benefits of Social Media for Older Adults

senior woman using tablet

Fact: Social media has changed the way people interact, facilitating an unprecedented level of worldwide communication and sharing.

But if the term makes you sigh and long for telephone landlines, real bound books, and actually going to the mall to shop, you’re not alone.  Many older adults avoid the social cyber bandwagon, assuming it has no relevance to this stage of their lives.

But we beg to differ...

Social media is not just for your kids and grandkids. In fact, it presents a golden opportunity for seniors to connect with family, friends and those with shared passions and interests.  If it’s the tech that is holding you back, take a class or let your grandkids walk you through it. In five minutes, you can be an active participant in the cyber world everybody’s buzzing about. While you’re waiting for your young tutor to arrive, check out these benefits of social media.

Facebook for Seniors

Ever try to call your kids and grandkids? They may have that phone in their pocket, but they are far too busy to answer it. If you want to know what your family members are up to, friend them on Facebook. Reading their posts makes it so easy to stay current and involved in their lives. Though nothing will ever replace actually getting together with family, for those with long-distance loved ones, Facebook is the next best thing to being there.

You Can See Your Family

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram make sharing videos and pictures simple. You will feel like you are sitting at that kindergarten graduation or right there when the baby takes her first steps. With the flick of a button, you can be a real time participant in your family’s milestone events or the every day stuff that makes up their lives.

And Your Family Can See You

Whether you are aging in place or have rightsized into an active adult community, your family is concerned for your welfare. One of the great benefits of social media is the ability to touch base with family members as often as desired to reassure them that you are well, happy and having fun.

Seniors Social Networking

Nothing enhances health and wellbeing like social interaction. Social media provides an outlet for making new friends, as well as reconnecting with long lost buddies. If you are new to an active adult community, seniors social networking can help you engage with other community members and be the impetus for meaningful new relationships.

Get Motivated

Social media can introduce you to new topics and connect you to forums where you can participate in discussions with others who share your interests.

Get connected through social media and expand your world while staying closer to family and friends. Don’t let the kids have all the fun!