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Tips for Sustainable Apartment Living

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Preserving the planet for future generations is an important undertaking that requires all of us to embrace a greener lifestyle. If you’re thinking only those who live on farms and grow their own food can truly make an impact, it’s time for a new perspective. Even the most urban apartment dwellers can incorporate sustainable living ideas into their daily lives and reduce their carbon footprint. All it takes is a little thought, minimal effort, and the desire to make a difference.

Here are some sustainable living ideas for eco-conscious apartment home living.  

See the Light

You don’t have to be a certified tree hugger to know that turning off a light when you leave a room will save energy. What you may not realize is switching to energy efficient light bulbs will positively impact both the environment—and your utility bill. During the day, the best of all possible worlds is to make use of natural light whenever possible.

Pull the Plug

Even when your small appliances are turned off, as long as they are plugged in, they are still drawing power from your outlets. Save energy by keeping them unplugged when not in use.  

Turn Off the Water

We waste a lot of water in our daily lives and it’s not difficult to dramatically cut that usage. For example, when you’re brushing your teeth, there’s no need to let the water run continuously. Make sure the dishwasher is really full before you run it, and take shorter showers. Every little bit helps.  

Reuse and Recycle

It is important to recycle plastic, bottles, cans and paper. But take it a small step further and consider using a refillable water bottle instead of buying cases of disposable ones. Instead of paper plates and cups, use the real stuff.

Protect the Forest

Who isn’t overwhelmed with tons of unwanted junk mail? Visit the website  and stop the barrage of junk mail once and for all. Think of the trees you are personally saving.

Go Green, Literally

Whether your apartment has a tiny balcony or just a welcoming windowsill, try adding plants. You can grow herbs that will come in handy for cooking or just pick a few plants you like. You’ll brighten up the environment while promoting clean air.

Go Green, Figuratively

If you really want to commit to a green lifestyle, try eco-interior design by choosing couches and rugs made from sustainable fibers.

Rightsize Your Life

Nothing wastes energy like empty unused spaces in a home that has outlived its purpose. Practicing sustainable living means adjusting your living situation to your needs. Rightsizing into an apartment home consumes only the energy necessary to maintain your current lifestyle and is the healthy choice for active adults—and the planet.

Consider implementing these simple sustainable living ideas. They are small steps that add up to making a big difference to our planet’s future. Visit our EcoLife page to learn more about how Overture is promoting sustainability through education and more.

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