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Tips on Moving to your New Home with Pets

Cuddly. Loveable. Entertaining. Yes, all of those adjectives pertain to your grandkids, but no, we’re not talking about them.  When you decide to make the leap from the family home to the stress-free, turnkey, lifestyle, those adorable little munchkins will not be moving in with you. Your four-legged friends will be. Moving with a dog or cat requires some special consideration, but with a little forethought, rightsizing into an active adult community can be a wonderful new beginning for both you and your furry friends.

Here are a few tips for moving with pets to help make the transition easy and seamless.

Before the Move

Dogs are very sensitive and will pick up on your moods and emotions. As you start clearing clutter, and packing boxes your buddy will know something is up. So, it is a good idea to start preparing them before the chaos is at full tilt.

Make an Introduction

It’s a good idea to take your canine companion to your new community in advance of the move, and show them around. Becoming familiar with the sights and scents of the new ‘hood will make it feel like home when you actually move in. If at all possible, give your dog a sense of its new space by spending a few minutes in your new unit.

Be Inclusive

As you pack, let your dog investigate the boxes and feel a part of the activities. Isolating them in their crate, or alone in another room may make them nervous and result in hyperactive behavior that will interfere with your process. The calmer they are, the less likely they will give you a “ruff” time!

Prepare for the Pet Carrier

If you are moving cats to a new home, you will want to get them used to traveling in a pet carrier. If this is their first experience with it, start by leaving it open with a blanket and cat treats inside. Leave the carrier out so they can go in and out as they choose. Once they get comfortable with the carrier, the next step is reducing anxiety about car travel. Take a few short trips and work up to longer periods. By the time you move, your cat will be a seasoned car passenger and you will have one less issue to deal with on moving day.

Long Distance

If your move requires air travel, be sure your pets are crate trained well before M Day. Speak to the airlines about their particular pet travel requirements and always carry your pet’s veterinary records in your carry on for easy access.

Pet Proofing

Your new home should be as safe and comfortable for your pet as it is for you. Pet-proof the space by tucking away electrical cords, securing all window screens and making sure no toxic pest control traps have been left anywhere.

Choose one of Overture’s pet friendly active adult communities and enjoy inter-species events like doggie Halloween costume contests and “Yappy Hours,” where the dogs can sip a “Puppacino,” while the humans mix and mingle. So if moving to an active adult community gives you, um…paws, fear not. Overture is committed to making sure life is a treat for pets and owners alike, a great new adventure for you and your beloved fur baby.