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Top Activities to do in Las Vegas for 2023

Viva Las Vegas! What started with a movie in 1964, quickly caught on and became this iconic city’s anthem. Las Vegas is a magical oasis in the Nevada desert. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Some of them even come to gamble!

Ask any retiree currently enjoying independent living in Las Vegas why they’ve chosen this so-called  “City of Second Chances.” They will tell you they rolled the dice and hit the jackpot.

Stunning scenery, magnificent, sun-drenched weather, world class entertainment and shopping. Senior living in Las Vegas is a ticket to paradise. There are so many activities to keep retirees active and engaged, there will barely be time to hit the blackjack table.

Here Comes the Sun

There is no such thing as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in Vegas. Nearly 300 days of sunshine per year nourishes the spirit and motivates even the most devoted couch potato to venture outdoors. True, there are a couple of summer months when the thermometer reaches triple digits. But that’s the perfect time to catch up on shopping and movies or head to the air conditioned casinos.

Viva Shop Vegas!

The best part about shopping in Las Vegas is…well…everything. Imagine nearly 7 million square feet of shopping options, concentrated in a conveniently small area for easy access. From specialty shops, to luxury brand boutiques, to larger department stores, Vegas delivers the goods. Be sure to print out your Shop Vegas Passport to be guaranteed the best deals in town.

Hit the Links

Forget the casinos. Great golf in Vegas is a sure thing. It’s hard to believe a desert environment like Vegas could support lush green fairways and some of the most gorgeous golf courses in the country. But, it does. Golf enthusiasts have over 50 courses to choose from. There are plenty of PGA pros to help bring that handicap down.

Culinary Treasure Trove - Off the Strip!

Those who live in active adult communities in Nevada are savvy enough to know about Vegas’s culinary secret: There is a whole world of dining off the strip. No buffets, no valet parking, no hordes of people. Just intimate ambiance and great food created by inventive, up and coming chefs.

Let Vegas Entertain You

Independent living in Las Vegas comes with access to superstars on a nightly basis. Shows like Cirque de Soleil, magic extravaganzas and all your favorite headliners are literally at your fingertips whenever the spirit moves you. A night on the town is literally available in your backyard.

Here Come the Grandkids

Be prepared. Once your kids and grandkids find out you’ve chosen a senior living community in Vegas, they will be booking their tickets. Whether they are into hiking at Red Rock Canyon Park, or are looking forward to a day at Hoover Dam, or the Las Vegas Ballpark, you’ll be ready for them. Between outdoor attractions and museums, they will be busy – and happy - every minute. You’ll be looking forward to a relaxing happy hour with your buddies when they finally go home!

Destination Spring Valley is one of Overture’s premier active adult communities in Las Vegas. Book a tour today. Cleary Elvis knew what he was singing about.