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Top Features to Look for When Choosing a Senior Apartment Home

Senior apartment communities are increasingly popular for seniors who want an active lifestyle without home ownership and maintenance demands. Sometimes known as 55 and over apartments, senior living apartments offer much more than accommodation. Senior apartments often come with fitness studios, coffee cafes, swimming pools, and organized trips, events, and classes. 

At Overture, we understand choosing senior apartment communities is an important decision and one you need to take your time making. Below are seven features we recommend looking for in a senior apartment home.

Location, Location, Location

Location is essential when considering 55 and over apartments. Factors to consider include the following:

  • How close you’ll be to family (or whether the location is one your family will visit regularly).

  • The weather. Are you a summer blossom or a winter rose? Look for apartments in regions with the type of weather you prefer or where the weather is pleasant all year. 

  • Access to medical facilities is vital as we age. Choose senior apartments with easy access to doctors and health care specialists. 

  • Active living apartments should be near what you enjoy, such as music, restaurants, outdoor activities, and parks. 

We choose our active living apartment locations with care so you have access to everything you need, including a thriving community of people with similar interests. 

Apartment Accessibility

Forty percent of people aged 65 and older have at least one mobility issue, so keep accessibility and safety in mind when you choose senior living apartments. You may not need features such as wheelchair ramps, bathroom grab rails, and widened doors right now, but they could become important as you age.

Housing Options

Moving into seniors' apartments means leaving your long-term home. Choosing a well-designed, welcoming apartment helps make the transition easier. Do you want a studio apartment or a two-bedroom, two-bath suite? Consider the type of kitchen (Overture apartments have gourmet kitchens), flooring, walk-in closets, and ample storage. Look for senior living apartments with upscale finishes that transform a living space into a home.

Community Events

Senior apartment communities are tight-knit, friendly groups that welcome new members. Ask about the community and the activities they enjoy. What recreational amenities are available, and do they match your interests? On-site amenities may include swimming pools, aquacise classes, libraries, group excursions, craft areas, and communal gardens. Overture's robust and lively social calendars also include fitness classes, wellness instructors, educational seminars, social hours, and more. Our lifestyle programs are designed by our residents to help cultivate relationships, maintain health focus, and ignite new passions! 

Levels of Care

You may need additional care as you age, so choose senior apartments offering multiple living levels. Doing so makes moving from independent to assisted living easier if needed. Some adult active living communities offer memory care as part of their assisted living programs. You may never need these services, but knowing they’re available helps you live life with confidence. 


Cost is, of course, a consideration when choosing senior living apartments. Take the time to review your current expenses and compare them to the cost of the apartment. Factor in the type of services included in apartment costs: does the rental fee include utilities, housekeeping, and internet and/or cable? Check out our helpful affordability calculator to help assess the cost of seniors' apartments. 


Last but not least is security. You should feel safe in your new home. Ask about security features such as cameras, emergency lighting, and emergency response systems. If you had a medical emergency, how quickly would staff respond? What security precautions are in place to keep unauthorized people out of the apartment complex? The more secure you feel, the more you’ll enjoy your time in 55 and older apartments.

Senior apartment communities and 55 and over apartments allow you to socialize with people your age who share similar life experiences. Check out our active living communities to see if an Overture community is the right choice for you.