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Travel Tips for Seniors: How to Have a Successful and Safe Vacation

Fasten your seat belts. Travel is back on the to-do list. When making plans, it’s important to consider Covid issues, as well as the ever-present senior travel challenges. So, pack your usual enthusiasm, plus your wisdom and common sense, and get ready to dust off that bucket list.

Should the Elderly Fly?

According to Jefferson Health, air circulation and filtration on planes mitigate the spread of viruses and other germs. They advise avoiding contact with sick passengers, judicious handwashing, and using hand sanitizer that contains 60% to 95% alcohol. Now that there is no longer an air travel mask mandate in place, the choice of whether to mask up is up to you. As of April of 2022, the CDC “continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings…” That said, be prepared to be flying next to unmasked seatmates. If you are flying internationally, be sure to research specific Covid testing requirements prior to travel.

Best Places for Senior Trips

The reality of Covid varies from country to country. Some destinations are very relaxed while others are more restrictive in their policies. Do you prefer a place where access to indoor venues requires vaccinations and masks? As you sit down to choose your adventure, you will need to define your own personal comfort zone.

The Great Outdoors

There is no time like the present to appreciate outdoor activities.  Whether you are into golf, hiking, boating or other outdoor recreation, a vacation that keeps you mostly outdoors might be just what the travel agent ordered for a fun, relaxing, stress-free experience. If mobility issues preclude the more athletic options, keep in mind that scenic drives, easy nature walks, and beaches are universally enjoyable. If a major city is on your itinerary, hop on an open-air bus and see the sights with the fresh air in your face. Afterward, pull up an outdoor table at a café and enjoy the people watching. If you are choosing your experience by the numbers, check out places like Patagonia where there are fewer tourists and plenty of outdoor opportunities.

Where to Stay:

When booking hotel accommodations, be sure to ask about cleaning and safety protocols. Some of the practices to look for:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Mandatory mask wearing for staff
  • Mandatory mask wearing for guests in public areas
  • Contactless payment
  • Established protocol if a guest tests positive for Covid
  • Enhanced air circulation
  • Furniture arrangement in public areas conducive to social distancing

Before You Leave:

  • Let close family and friends know where you’ll be.
  • Inform your credit card company so your purchases won’t be declined.
  • If traveling internationally, arrange service with your cell provider.

When Packing:

  • Keep all essential documents and medications in your carry-on. Meds should be in their original containers.
  • Don’t forget the most important travel accessory for seniors: Comfortable shoes.
  • Download entertainment on your phone or tablet.

Once You Get There:

  • Watch what you eat. Balance adventure with common sense.
  • If you’re traveling solo, keep somebody at the hotel in the loop.
  • Respect your limits.

Just imagine making arrangements, packing your bags, then closing the door behind you and forgetting about home until you return. Traveling is that easy when you live in one of Overture’s premier active adult communities. Isn’t it time for a stress-free, turnkey empty-nester lifestyle? Get in touch for a tour today!