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Using Social Media as a Senior

Social media. Feel free to ignore it – if you want to be on the outside looking in. Instead of pressing your face against the glass, why not embrace the concept and show those whippersnappers just how cool their grandparents are! Yes, initially social media seemed to be the exclusive domain of the young. But today, as it infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives, the young at heart are becoming a loud and proud voice in the conversation.  

According to the Pew Research Center, about 1/3 of seniors over 65 are connected to social media. On sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter active adults are communicating with friends and family, reaching out to people from their pasts, and staying tuned in to what’s happening locally and globally.

In short, social media for seniors is quickly becoming an essential piece of the active adult equation. Here are a few options for putting your cyber toe into the water.


When it comes to social media for retirement communities, Facebook leads the pack. Though the grandkids may call it “social media for old people,” this is a platform that is easy to navigate and offers opportunities to trade photos and share experiences.  Facebook makes it easy to stay in touch with loved ones and family members, allowing you to easily set up custom groups to control recipients. Whether you want to follow your kids or the news, Facebook has what you are looking for.


Instagram, or “Insta,” to those in the know, is another great app for staying connected to family and friends. It’s really easy to post and view pictures and control who sees them. If you’re seeking inspiration for your various interests, utilize the hashtag feature to find great examples of content, including #foodblogging, #activeadults, #mindfulliving, and #homedecor.


ThirdAge is a targeted social media platform aimed at Baby Boomer women. Focusing on wellness and self-care, it serves the dual purpose of providing health info as it connects health-conscious users.


Traditionally the go-to social media for seniors, AARP offers thousands of articles as well as numerous ways for seniors to connect to each other.


Blogger is a social media platform with a bit of a twist. Instead of sharing pictures or chatting, consider starting your own blog. All you need are typing skills. Blogger makes it easy to share your thoughts and receive feedback from readers. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at writing, this is a great way to find an instant audience.


If it’s your time to be dating, check out OurTime, a dating app that caters exclusively to people 50 and over.

Facetime and Zoom

Facetime, an app that comes with your IPhone,  and Zoom are great choices for video chatting with out-of-town family and friends. It may not be exactly the same as sitting with the kids in your living room, but it’s pretty darn close!

Be Safe!

Social apps for seniors can significantly improve quality of life, adding a new dimension to communication, dating, and family relationships. However, with the upsides comes the warning. There are those on social media who would seek to take advantage of seniors both emotionally and financially. Be sure to protect yourself by limiting contact to friends and family. If you do communicate with strangers, ie on a dating site, if someone asks for money, just say no and keep swiping!

At Overture’s premier active adult communities, you can have your social media and your social interaction too. Facetime with the grandkids, and then get up close and personal with an enthusiastic group of active adult peers. It’s the best of all active adult worlds!