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Wellness Tips for Active Adults

Now that you’ve earned full-blown active adult status, it’s time to focus on what inspires you. All those passions left to simmer—while you were busy catering to the needs of bosses and children—are still bubbling, just waiting for you to crank that burner back up to high.

But you still have one important job to do: Maintain a healthy lifestyle that enables you to enjoy this special chapter of life to the fullest.

Here are some health tips for seniors that will help keep the active adult party going.

It Takes Two to Tango

Senior socializing is about more than just a dance partner. Connecting with peers and engaging in meaningful, lasting relationships is as important to senior health as a yearly checkup. Isolation begets loneliness which begets depression as well as other mental and physical issues. For those living in single-family homes, it can be difficult to find those critical social opportunities. The active adult community setting is designed to make socialization effortless. Classes, activities, field trips, and happy hours are at your fingertips.  Just sign up for as many—or as few—as you are comfortable with. There are no strangers at active adult communities. Just friends you haven’t met yet.

Put the ACTIVE in Active Adult

There is only one way to maintain an active lifestyle and that is to keep moving. It’s not healthy to be a couch potato at ages 16, or 25, or 50. But at 55+ inactivity can be the difference between sitting on the sidelines or staying in the game. Even if you’ve gotten out of the exercise habit, there are plenty of fun ways to ease back into physical activity. Don’t worry. Nobody is expecting you to go bungee jumping. However, there are lots of fun, age-appropriate ways to start the blood flowing again.

  • Take a brisk walk. Start slowly and gradually increase speed, time, and distance.

  • Get in the pool and take a nice relaxing swim or enjoy a low-impact water aerobics class.

  • Practice yoga for strength, balance, and peace of mind. If you’re new to the discipline, try chair yoga and work up to a mat practice when you feel comfortable.

  • Join a senior fitness class and enjoy the workout and the company.

  • Learn Tai Chi, a gentle eastern martial art that involves the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Hop on a bike and take a tour around the ‘hood.

It’s All About You!

Simply put: You are your own boss. This is the time to pursue whatever floats your personal kayak. Doing what you love, whatever that is, will flood your body with those all-important happiness endorphins. Whether it’s gardening, trying a new musical instrument, getting creative with arts and crafts, or just sitting down and writing your own life story, pursuing your bliss is emotionally uplifting and provides nourishment for the soul.  

Don’t Ignore the Science

While busy meeting friends and tapping into your inner artist, thespian, musician, or card shark, don’t forget to be proactive about your medical care. It’s important to stay on top of things with regular medical and dental checkups. That body—and those teeth—need to last a lifetime. Age-appropriate screenings can save lives.

You Are What You Eat

Health and wellness tips for seniors must include a reminder that we are what we eat. A healthy lifestyle needs support from a sensible diet that limits junk and focuses on lowering cholesterol for heart health and keeping blood sugar levels where they should be.

This is your time and you’re rarin’ to go. Consciously adopting healthy lifestyle habits based on the 7 dimensions of wellness will ensure that your energy matches your enthusiasm.