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Looking for a new home, here are answers to our most common questions

What type of housing is available at Overture?
Are my grandchildren allowed to come and visit?
Does the apartment include a washer/dryer?
When something breaks in the apartment, who fixes it?
Is there parking available?
Do you allow pets?
Do you have elevators?
Do you provide a cleaning service?
Are meals included?
When it snows/ices do you have proper measures to clear walkways?

Ready to call Overture home?

How do I apply for an apartment?
What are the qualifications needed to rent an apartment?
Uh no, I have NO credit, bad credit or in the processes of a short sale or foreclosure on my current home?

I am so excited. I have applied for an apartment, so now what?

How long will it take for my application to be approved?
What are my options for paying my rent?
Am I required to purchase rental insurance?

Common questions that come up after you move in

What are the hours of the fitness center?
During which time periods is the pool available for use?
What happens when I receive a package?
Can I modify my apartment?
Can I have a satellite dish?

For additional information about renting an apartment home at one of our Overture communities, please contact us.