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Forget the Resolutions and Focus on Healthy Habits for a Healthy You

Forget the Resolutions and Focus on Healthy Habits for a Healthy You

So, 2017 is already flying by. How are those resolutions coming along? Don’t worry…did you know 41% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions but only 9.2% of those people feel they were successful in achieving their resolutions? We suggest taking the pressure off the resolutions and focusing on healthy habits instead.Eating, setting daily agendas, and workouts are great resolutions. Some key factors in maintaining your fitness and health goals include:

  • Maintaining adequate sleep
  • Keep it Clean in the gym (Sanitize) 
  • Stay up to date with doctor check-ups
  • Wear proper clothing to workout
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Make sure to stretch
  • Stay physically and socially active
  • Eat healthy/balanced meals
  • Enjoy your workouts

Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast is a critical task to starting your day. The reason is simple, it kick-starts your metabolism. Food provides nutrients that our bodies require to survive. These nutrients give us energy and strength; as well as affording a variety of benefits to our health. The best way to ensure success with your diet is to make sure you are balancing the proper amount of protein, carbs, and fats into the meals you eat.Another important activity that is vital to your health is exercising. Exercise allows our bodies to maintain stress levels, improve mood and cognitive functioning, increase energy levels, and help build a healthier, stronger immune system. Some ideas to help get you back in the groove of your exercise routine include: expanding the diversity of activities you do on a daily basis. For example, taking advantage of the Overture Fitness Classes. When planning for a successful and effective workout, try not to rely on things like a time restraint, instead push yourself past the burn. This allows a biochemical process that leads to larger stronger fibers. With increased strength and stamina, your body is more likely to prevent the loss of muscle mass and reduce your risk of falling.If you are interested in strength training, it is recommended to do it two times per week to make sure your muscles stay active and strong. A few ways to build strength are:

  • Weight Lifting
  • ResistanceTraining

If you are looking to elevate your heart rate during your workout, it is recommended to use cardiovascular exercises. A few ways to amp up your cardio include:

  • Swimming
  • Walking at an increased speed and/or incline
  • Rowing
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Line Dancing

If you’re interested in balance and flexibility look into: Yoga Tai Chi Be realistic about how much you can do, stay motivated by rewarding yourself with a treat every now and then, and most importantly find a fitness routine that you enjoy!!

Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson

Jeff Jackson serves as the founder and owner of Crossroads Fitness (2014-present) and is the principal of Crossroads Fitness, LLC. Jackson has more than 5 years of fitness experience in a wide variety of fitness assets representing hundreds of clients and thousands of hours of fitness and health interactions. Jackson continues to instruct and educate those within his company, as well as the thousands of people who are affected by his reflection among Crossroads Fitness.