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The good news: You finally have the free time to pursue that long list of subjects that have piqued your interest. The better news: Overture’s wide-ranging education resources for active adults will provide unlimited opportunities to satisfy your intellectual curiosity with classes that are fun, informative, and relevant to your ever-changing world.  

Whether you loved school, or were a reluctant student back in the day, Overture’s inclusive and stimulating approach to continuing education will keep you motivated and engaged. Sessions are available in both the actual and virtual classrooms. No stress. Just learning for the fun of it.

• Computer and Software Courses

Keep up with computer technology and show the grandkids they aren’t the only ones who know a gigabyte from a mosquito bite. Expand your online world and get hip to what’s happening in theirs. 

• History Courses 

They say to understand the past is to be able to predict the future. Take an in-depth look at your favorite historical era or gain insight into a part of history you’ve always wanted to learn about. Enjoy discussion groups with other Overture history buffs.

• Ancestry Research

Explore your roots by researching your family tree. Compare notes with friends as you discover the secrets of your ancestry. 

• Writing Classes

Put pen to paper and express yourself creatively. Whether you want to tell your own story, try your hand at fiction, or write about the world in general, writing classes can help you tap into your inner Hemingway.

• Prepare for Future Milestones 

  • It’s never too early to consider estate planning. Consult with an expert who can provide insight and guidance into this complex process.
  • Gain perspective on the many financial and legal issues that are particular to the active adult community. 
  • Get a handle on the government benefits and insurance programs available to you as an older adult. 

Exercising that muscle between our ears is every bit as important to our health and well-being as all those miles on the treadmill. Continued learning can be a lifelong process that keeps us both interested and interesting. Overture’s goal is to create an environment in which challenging and expanding the mind is an integral part of overall wellness.

*Not all amenities and activities are available at every Overture Community. Please contact an Overture representative for details.