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Having a mindful context of how we live in the world is enlightening. At Overture, we’re here to help you become and stay environmentally aware. Our goal is to create a harmonious setting for you and the Earth that’s easy. This fulfilling lifestyle includes active and ongoing environmental stewardship. Here, there are many simple ways we can be good to the earth and good to each other too.

• On-site Recycling Programs
With convenient recycling bins, we’ll help you recycle paper, plastic, and glass. We’ll also help you properly dispose of electronic waste.

• On-site herb gardens and composting
We believe in the healthy benefits of gardening.

• Seminars and educational programs
Learn more what you can do as an individual to make a difference

• Mass transit connections
Leave your car at home and utilize mass transit. Save gas while saving the earth.

• Carpooling groups
We’ll connect you to neighbors, so you can do shopping and errands together.

• Connections to ecological and conservation organizations
Learn more by working with experts in the field.

• Reclaimed and reuse programs
Gather clothes and shoes to donate to those less fortunate in your area.

• Beach clean-up events
Participate in beach clean-up events with local organizations to maintain scenic beauty.

• Shop locally
We’ll connect you to local farmers markets, so you can buy organically grown produce that’s healthier.

*Not all amenities and activities are available at every Overture Community. Please contact an Overture representative for details.