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Knowing who you are, what you believe in, and what sustains you in good and bad times is what spiritual wellness is all about. It all works together for meaning, purpose, and growth in a very personal yet universal way. We invite you to nourish your spirituality here and dare to ask the big questions. Spirituality guides human beings through the mysteries of life. Overture is a safe, respectful, and inclusive community where you can be yourself and those around you the freedom can be themselves too. We’ve got engaging events to invite spirituality in your life on your terms.

• Learn Meditation

For thousands of years, meditation has been an important part of spiritual wellbeing. Learn how to let go, discern what matters and what is “noise,” and free your mind to live in the now and be present with regular meditation classes.

• Find your Purpose

Learn different ways to give back and pay it forward to those in need. Helping others is a proven way to help yourself grow and lead an enriched and meaningful life.

• Reinforce your values with lilke-minded people
Enjoy multi-faith services as well as faith specific services near our community.

• Religious Studies
The world is a big place. It has many points of view, especially when it comes to spiritual and religion. That’s what keeps it interesting. Discover the world’s religions and expand your knowledge.