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The Perks of Getting Older


Your spirit still feels 19. But that person looking back at you from the mirror looks significantly, well…more seasoned. Clearly, something is wrong with the mirror! Right? 

Aging does have its challenges but those who reap the most benefit from this stage of life understand its secret: This is a glass that is not just half full, it is overflowing with perks unavailable to those who have not yet earned their half-century stripes. 

Don’t let the fear of getting older keep you from maximizing this special time of life.

Here are but a few of the many advantages of old age.

Free Time Galore

When you were raising the kids and juggling work and family responsibilities, there was not much opportunity to pencil in free time on that busy calendar. Now that you’ve transitioned into retirement, your time is your own to pursue adventures and experiences you never could before. Take a class that interests you, read that book that you never had time for, take a trip, or just meet a friend for coffee. Free time is a 24/7 commodity just waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Wisdom of Experience

Experience is the best teacher and who has more experience than those who’ve been around the longest? Older adults have an empathy and richness of wisdom that gives them a much broader perspective on life and makes them a valuable resource to the young.  

Oh, Those Grandkids!

Is there anything more amazing than cuddling with a grandchild—and then giving it back to its parent when it’s time for Social Hour or a yoga class? It’s all the perks of having a baby without the responsibility. Drop in for a few hugs and then drop back out when you feel like it. Or, sit back in the calm tranquility of your active adult space and blow kisses to that gorgeous baby via facetime. Watching them grow will keep you young. Grandkids are the gift that keeps on giving!

Senior Discounts

Too bad your grandparents never had Groupon Senior Discounts Club! Senior discounts help people on a fixed income stay active and engaged. From transportation to dining and entertainment, senior discounts offer a great incentive for making the most of retirement.

I Don’t Care What They Say Anymore…This is MY Life!

With age comes a startling revelation: Other people’s opinions just don’t matter as much as previously thought. Breaking free from worrying about the judgment of others erases negativity, opening doors to new experiences. Those with the perspective of years often look back and wonder why as young people they allowed themselves to be trapped by the opinions of others.

You may not run as fast as you used to, or rock that bikini like you did back in the day, but don’t think of aging as getting older. Think of it as your ticket to new-found freedom and happiness. And remember, you can get older, but you don’t have to get old

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