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Overture’s custom-developed Soul program provides a dynamic collection of potential services and experiences designed to engage your mind, body and spirit.* Based on the 7 Dimensions to Wellness, these offerings support whole person wellness and quality of life including Fitness, Wellbeing, Spirituality, Intellect, Social, EcoLife, and Pursuits. Each community calendar is customized to the preferences of their residents so please speak up and let us know what’s important to you.


Enhance Your Quality of Life with 7 Dimensions to Wellness.

Fitness Wellbeing Spirituality Intellect Social Ecolife Pursuits

1. Fitness

For the young at heart, physical fitness is the key to continuing a fulfilling lifestyle that includes the activities you love. Whether it’s your personal time or you prefer to share your workouts, you choose the variety of activities that support your fitness goals.


2. Wellbeing

At last, you’ve got time to focus on your health, in a complete and holistic way. Soul provides classes and tools like nutritional guidance, safety seminars, info on mental health resources, and education on the wellness trends that interest you most.


3. Spirituality

You know who you are and what you believe – whatever your spiritual practice may be. The Soul approach welcomes it all, from nearby faith-based services to onsite meditation classes that help you stay present and live in the moment.


4. Intellect

Life favors the naturally curious. The Soul program includes a variety of stimulating continuing education classes on topics like writing, tech, history, ancestry, estate planning, and financial-legal matters. No stress, no exams. Just the joy of learning. Tell us what’s on your interest list.


5. Social

A meaningful social life delivers numerous health benefits – yet another reason to bond with your friends and neighbors. Soul includes an ever-evolving array of activities like social hours, cooking classes, potlucks, holiday parties, movie and game nights, and opportunities for day trips and sporting events.


6. EcoLife

Protecting the environment matters to our residents and their families. In addition to onsite recycling, you’ll find carpooling groups, reclaim-and-reuse programs, clean-ups, and connections to eco organizations that further our environmental awareness. Or, keep it small with a patio herb garden – your inner chef will thank you, too.


7. Pursuits

Refining existing talents, develop a new skill, or just try something you’ve never done before. Soul creative clubs and classes offer countless ways to express yourself and expand your horizons. Share your expertise with others or try new activities, join specialized clubs like wine tasting and book group, develop your inner artist with painting and photography, jewelry-making and sewing, to music and acting, and more. *Not all activities and amenities are available at all communities.
Please check with your leasing professional for more details.

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