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Activities to Welcome Grandchildren to your Senior Community

There is something really magical about spending quality time with the special little people in your life. And what’s more, this time around you don’t have to worry about whether they’ve done their homework, brutalized their sister, or tracked mud all over the white carpet. Let their parents be aggravated and dole out the punishment. All you have to do is have fun and give out the chocolate. If the kids are running around in circles like lunatics on a sugar high when they get home? Not your problem.

Yep. Being a grandparent is pretty great. Think of it as payment due from your kids.

Your mission when the grandkids visit is to enjoy every precious moment. Here are a few things to do with grandkids to get the ball rolling – even if you’re not actually up for playing ball.

Take a Walk

Lace up your sneakers and start walking. Whether you’re dealing with a toddler or a teenager, getting them outside on a beautiful day is the perfect setting for conversation and connection. The little ones will be excited by everything they see. For the bigger kids, a walk with grandma or grandpa is an opportunity to disconnect from their phones and their stressful lives. You’ll be amazed what you can learn from and about them.

Pick a Project

  • Take a five-year-old, a piece of poster board, glitter glue, and sea shells or macaroni, and voila! You have a craft project extraordinaire. Set it up in the kitchen or outdoors if possible and watch the magic happen. You will be the assistant, of course, as your grandkid creates a masterpiece to be proud of. As you are chatting and laughing and making crucial artistic decisions together, the time will fly by.

  • Who doesn’t love a great coloring book? Get out the crayons,markers, watercolors, or colored pencils and bring your grandkids’ favorite characters to life. If you’re feeling really ambitious, find an app to transform personal photos into coloring pages.

  • If you really want to score some points with the kids, show up with some water, cornstarch and food coloring (optional) and transform it into Ooblek. Your kids will love its slimy texture. And you will be amazed when the pre-schooler looks blithely at you and declares that Ooblek is a non-Newtonian fluid. Who knew?

  • There are also tons of inexpensive craft kits for fun projects like unicorn gardens or rock painting. For a few bucks, you can keep your favorite kid anchored to a chair long enough to really make a memory. 


Kids love puzzles. The best part is they come in all sizes and difficulty levels. Pick up a couple of age-appropriate puzzles and work on them as a team. The older the kids are, the more pieces that jigsaw puzzle will have, and the more satisfied you’ll be when you finish it together. Celebrate with ice cream afterwards!


When the kids are ready to wind down later in the day, pick up their favorite book and read it to them, or with them. A learning experience for them. A great snuggle opportunity for you.

Cook Your Favorite Recipe

For grandkids of any age, a cooking session is a great way to share quality time and a little piece of your family history. Pick a favorite recipe and enjoy a delicious treat when it’s done.

Kid’s Choice

Pull up a chair in the playroom and let the kids take you on whatever journey they choose. Maybe they will dress up as their favorite Frozen princess or maybe they will bring out their doctor kit and give you a checkup. A make-believe tea party with plenty of cakes and you as the guest of honor would be awesome. Go where they lead and enjoy!

Have an Adventure

Once you rightsize into one of Overture’s conveniently located senior apartment communities, you will have access to everything your destination has to offer. From museums, theaters, and restaurants, to ballparks, miles of hiking trails or playgrounds, Overture locations are where the action is.

Book a tour today. Your enthusiastic community of like minded peers can’t wait to meet you - and the grandkids!

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