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Generational Joy: Mother's Day Delights for Seniors and Loved Ones

Mother’s Day. Holiday of homemade cards and macaroni jewelry. How you looked forward to the triumphant look on those little faces when they surprised you with their handiwork. As hard as it is to believe, your not-so-little-ones are now mothers themselves. Now it is their little ones showering your daughters - and you - with those precious and priceless Mother’s Day treasures. 

Funny how that happens.

Your Mother’s Day has evolved, attaining multigenerational status. It’s a time to acknowledge and honor all the women in the family. 

Here are a few Mother’s Day ideas to inspire an experience that is both meaningful and memorable.

If you live near your kids or will be visiting them on Mother’s Day:

Get Tickets

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to organize a family outing that will appeal to both the young and young at heart. Take a family survey to decide whether you will spend the afternoon at a ballpark, museum, or an age-appropriate theater event. Maybe you will all head for the zoo. What matters most is an activity that results in quality time together.

Take a Class

Whether it’s crafts or cooking, taking a class with the family can be fun for everybody. If the kids are really little you sign up for an art class and collaborate on a fun project. If they are a little older, you can learn a new recipe together. Whether you come away with a glitter covered dinosaur or a delicious batch of cookies, the fun will be in the creating.

Plan a Picnic

If the weather cooperates, plan a picnic in the park. Relax and enjoy watching the kids run around and tire themselves out. Once they come back home for their nap, the grown-ups can have some quality time together. If there is no longer napping involved, settle in for family movie time. Let the kids pick their favorite.

Share Photos

Why not take a Mother’s Day stroll down memory lane? Dust off the photo albums and introduce the grandkids to your former self.

A Spa Day

Mother’s Day is tailor made for some self-care and pampering. Leave the men and kids at home and book a special spa treatment for the women of the family. Ahhhhh.

Lunch and a Walk

Choose a neighborhood restaurant or pitch in for a potluck lunch for everybody at home. Then gather the crew for a walk. A Mother’s Day walk with your kids and the little ones will be entertaining and provide some exercise after that great lunch.

An Overture Day

Once you have taken the leap and right-sized into an Overture premier senior apartment community, you’ll have a resort class facility in which to entertain the family. Invite the kids to hang at the pool, and relax on the pristinely manicured grounds. They will love mixing and mingling with your Overture gang and their families.

If your kids live out of town:

One of the best benefits of living in an Overture senior apartment community is, well…the community. When you’re surrounded by peers who share your circumstances, Mother’s Day can be transformed into a joyous occasion – even without the kids.

Get in the Game

Gather a group of friends together and book one of Overture’s dedicated activity spaces for an afternoon of fun and games. Whether you play cards, work on a huge jigsaw puzzle, or spend the time playing your favorite board game, you’ll spend the day in the warm glow of comradery.

Pick a Movie

Head to Overture’s theater and watch a movie with friends.

Take a Walk

Lace up your sneakers and get a group to join in a Mother’s Day walk.

It’s a Party

Invite a few friends over to your Overture apartment for an intimate lunch or dinner to celebrate motherhood - and grandmotherhood. Create a main dish in your state-of-the-art kitchen and ask your friends to provide the sides.

If you have a larger bash in mind, book an activity room and spread the word. Guests can bring apps, desserts and wine. Voila! A Mother’s Day party - with or without - kids!

Booking a tour at the Overture premiere senior apartment complex of your choice today. It will be the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

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