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Golden Guides: Crafting Unforgettable Summer Adventures for Seniors

Remember when that last bell rang, and school was out for the summer? The air was crackling with the excitement of potential adventures.Though the concept of what thrills you may have changed a bit since then - ie, the bungee jumping equipment may be memorialized in the back of the closet, you are still ready to rock.

And no, there will be no rhythmically moving chair involved.

The winter is long and the summer short. So, you don’t want to waste one beautiful moment. Time to throw open the doors and get out there to discover summer’s magic. Suitcases are optional but not mandatory. Now that you are retired, you don’t have to explore the world with the hordes of summer vacationers. You have the luxury of planning those bucket list trips during shoulder seasons, when both prices and crowds are reduced.  

You really don’t need to get on a plane to find tons of fun summer activities for seniors.Here are a few options to get this summer party started.  

Outdoor Fitness

  • Summer fitness means taking the exercise regimen outside. For starters, lace up your sneakers and check out trail systems at local parks. Grab a few friends and make it a walking event with physical and social benefits.
  • Join an outdoor yoga class. Or if you are lucky enough to live in an Overture senior apartment community, grab a few buddies and enjoy yoga, or meditation anywhere on Overture’s pristinely manicured grounds.
  • Get out into the garden. Gardening is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s great exercise and your efforts will be rewarded once you see the fruits - and flowers -  of your labor.

Golf Checks All the Boxes

No list of summer activities for seniors is complete without golf. Whether you’re already a devotee or have never picked up a club, golf is a game of personal goals that can be enjoyed at every level. Golf will get you outdoors, keep you moving, and make you laugh – or cry- as you ponder the mystery of why one shot can go in the air and the next ten do not! There are lots of public courses to play. It’s never too late to get in the swing.

Dining Al Fresco

Celebrate the summer by dining al fresco. There are so many restaurants that feature lovely outdoor settings to make any lunch or dinner feel like a party. You can also find picnic areas in your local parks. Invite a few friends, pack a basket, and make an afternoon of it.

Culture Under the Stars

Local outdoor concert venues have packed summer schedules: Enjoy music, theater, and dance performances featuring stars on stage and up above. 

Instead of Being in the Audience…

If you’ve always dreamed of strutting your stuff on stage, but never had the time, explore local summer theater companies. Throw off those inhibitions and try out for a summer production. Just auditioning will present a new challenge. Hey, you never know when a star will be born!

Take the Game Outdoors

Whether you enjoy mahjong, bridge, canasta or are anxious to lose a few bucks at poker, playing outdoors adds a new dimension of enjoyment.  

Give Yourself a Nudge

Ever been in a hot air balloon? Gone whitewater rafting? Paddled a canoe? Spent the day speed boating? Summer is the time to push the boundaries and get your adrenaline pumping. You don’t need to risk life and limb to try something new that gets you out of your comfort zone. There are plenty of safe, senior appropriate activities that can uplift and exhilarate.

Think of living in an Overture senior apartment community as the never-ending summer vacation. Book a tour today. School’s out, and your adventure is just beginning.

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