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Décor Tips to Warm Your Home This Winter

As we get ready to hunker down this particular winter, creating a living space that is warm-both literally and figuratively-is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy, creative apartment decorating tips that will keep you cozy as you hibernate.

How to Make Your Home Cozy

Turn Up the Heat in Bed

As much as that sounds romantic, the real secret is swapping out your airy summer bedding for something more substantial. You can pile on the heavier blankets or you can create a warm inviting cocoon by investing in a good wool mattress pad that provides insulation in the winter and wicks moisture in the summer. Flannel or microfiber sheets will add an extra layer of warmth, and in more severe climates, a down comforter will seal the toasty deal.

Here Comes the Fuzz

Nothing warms up a living room like fuzzy accessories. Cool pillows and throws add colorful accents and huge amounts of snuggle factor to the décor.  

Cure the Winter Blues with Greenery

We may not be able to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts outdoors right now, but we can certainly bring them inside. Green plants go a long way toward warming up the ambiance while winter’s winds blow.

Warm the Windows

Heavier window treatments can be a key element in keeping the winter cold at bay. The lighter shades that work to insulate in the summer may need a little extra support to keep things cozy. Fabric curtains or honeycomb shades are good options.

Say it With Candles

The days are short, and the nights are long. Why not add some mood lighting with candles? Scented or unscented, candles create a warm, inviting ambiance that will take the edge off the winter blahs.

Hot Cocoa Anyone?

Hot drinks are a winter staple. Whether you are a tea drinker, love your coffee, or can’t resist hot chocolate with whipped cream, you will need a special mug to drink from. Get a set of hooks and your cool mug collection can serve the dual purpose of holding your favorite steaming beverage and adding a fun accent to the kitchen.

Floor Décor

Those floors that are so delightfully cool in summer can be seriously frosty and unappealing in the winter. Treat your feet to strategically placed area rugs. Be sure not to ignore the bathroom floor. When the temperature dips below freezing, your feet will thank you!

Generate Heat with Heaters

If you have areas of your apartment that tend to get particularly drafty in winter, you might want to plug in a space heater. Be sure to choose a model that shuts off automatically if overheated.

Snuggle up in a comfy throw, fire up the scented candles, grab your favorite cuppa, and enjoy the winter from your cozy Overture active adult apartment. Hopefully, a few simple home decorating tips can help warm your home and your mood in the coming months.