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Senior Storytelling: Capturing Life’s Moments in Written Form

It was spring. And now it’s fall. Metaphorically speaking that is. Let’s put it this way. You can remember getting on an airplane without going through security. And you might have actually attended a Beatles concert. Get the picture?
But let’s not dwell on the facts and figures of it all. Let’s revel in the wisdom, richness of experience, and unique perspective that can only be achieved with a certain number of decades under your belt. You’ve seen and learned so much. Your stories have stories. Your memories are a treasure trove you would like to share with your kids and grandkids.
If you are not Ernest Hemingway in the writing department, fear not. There are tools out there specifically designed as writing prompts for older adults. FYI they are not free, but offer various packages to accommodate your comfort zone.
As you sit down to chronicle the life and times of, well…you, it might be helpful to check out Storyworth and My Stories Matter, two very different but equally popular resources. Your children will thank you for preserving your wonderful legacy. Your grandkids – who may or may not be old enough to read yet - will definitely appreciate it later.


Life story writing for seniors does not get any easier than Story Worth. Once you purchase the service, Story Worth will send you weekly questions to answer. If you don’t like the ones they pick for you, there are hundreds of others to choose from. They will ask you questions like, who was your best childhood friend and what is the most interesting trip you ever took, or how you really related to or felt about your parents growing up.

You will find that even though this tool is designed to give loved ones a peek behind the curtain of your youth, the real gift is your own look back. It’s amazing how great it feels to finally say you survived being bullied in school, or you had a failed romance that took a while to get over, or you had a victory that you were so proud of and never thought to tell the kids when they were growing up. With every word you type, you know you could possibly help or enlighten a grandkid who is facing similar issues. The process can be both emotional and remarkably freeing. After a year of weekly submissions, Story Worth will create a hardcover book to present to your family members, complete with a picture of you and the title of your choice on the front cover. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

My Stories Matter

If you have stories to tell but can’t quite find the words to tell them, My Stories Matter may be just what you’ve been looking for. This service comes with a concierge who will interview you and help you navigate the maze of your memories. There will be an initial consultation before you begin so your interviewer can get a handle on your intentions. Before each interview session you’ll receive topics and relevant questions to be covered. You’ll be encouraged to gather photos and mementos to help you reminisce. Each interview session will be carefully transcribed, omitting the interviewer’s questions and any extraneous noise. The transcript will then be handed over to a ghostwriter who will turn the interviews into the story of your life. The finished product will be uploaded for your perusal so you can make any changes or corrections. If you so choose, you can turn the manuscript into a book that can be a keepsake for generations to come.

Just Write

Keeping your memories alive may be as easy as putting pen to paper. Set aside a few minutes every day to jot down highlights of your life as they come to you. You may want to break down your memories into different categories, like high school, first job, etc. to help organize your thoughts. A few months later, you’ll be surprised to see how much you have written.

Just Talk

If you absolutely do not wish to commit to a writing project of any kind, but are eager to tell your story,  just tell it. Speak into your phone and send the recordings to your kids. Or make a bunch of recordings and invite the kids over for a night with you - and your memories!

Journal with Friends

If you are lucky enough to live in one of Overture’s premier senior apartment communities, it will be easy to join a journaling group. Once the wine is flowing, the words will be too. It’s fun to share your memories with the kids, but even a bigger hoot to trade war stories with those who remember when. Book a tour today.

Your story just got even better.

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