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Aging in Full Bloom: Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit

“You can’t help getting older. But you don’t have to get old.” So said the inimitable George Burns who lived to be 100 years young. Clearly, he knew from whence he spoke.

The quest to age gracefully involves both inspiration and perspiration. It’s really a simple math equation: As the numbers go higher, the need to stimulate the mind, nourish the spirit and challenge the body multiplies exponentially.

In other words, use it or lose it.  

Commit to a lifestyle that enhances your quality of retirement life, and you’ll be having too much fun to pay attention to the numbers. A small effort to keep all the proverbial wheels turning can reap huge rewards. 

Stay Social

Isolation - and the loneliness that comes with it - can leave older adults feeling alienated and depressed. Cultivating social relationships and staying connected to family and friends is critical to mental and emotional health.

Engaging with others also helps keep seniors physically active. Just meeting a friend for coffee can change your outlook on the day. It’s with that in mind that active adult communities like Overture’s premier senior apartment complexes focus on providing unlimited social opportunities. There is no easier way to create and maintain new friendships than participating in Overture’s wide variety of group activities, or just knocking on your neighbor’s door to say hello.

Exercise Your Brain

That muscle between your ears needs as much - if not more - exercise than the rest of the body. Your brain workout can include daily puzzle solving, taking a class to learn a new skill, joining a book club, embarking on a hobby you finally have time for, or reading with your grandkids. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as your mind is active. Lifelong learning is the gift that you give to yourself and those around you. It will not only boost your brain function, but it will keep you both interested and interesting! Staying mentally engaged means you are part of the conversation, not sitting on the sidelines.

Exercise Your Body

Here’s a newsflash: This is not your grandparent’s retirement. Forget about rocking on the porch. You may have a comfy favorite chair, but it will sit empty while you are up and out, actively maintaining your health and fitness. Whether you are swimming, biking, gardening, golfing, hiking, or practicing yoga or tai chi with a group of friends, physical activity at whatever your comfort level is the cornerstone of graceful aging.

Once you rightsize into an Overture senior apartment complex, you’ll have a vast and varied list of classes and activities to choose from. And after you and your buddies in the walking group have achieved your daily goal, you can head to happy hour to celebrate your accomplishments. And then – maybe – you’ll finally have a minute or two to sit in your comfy chair.

Less Junk Food. More Veggies.

A healthy diet is important at any stage of life, but especially as we age. Treat yourself to whole foods, and dark fruits and vegetables like berries, legumes, nuts, seeds, and dark leafy greens like kale and spinach. Nobody wants to go through life without a cookie now and then, but when it comes to junk food, less is definitely more.

Be Proactive About Medical Care

Regular checkups can prolong, possibly even save, your life. Stay abreast of recommended vaccines and screenings and find a medical professional with whom you are comfortable communicating openly and honestly. The more information you can give your providers the better they can attend to your needs.

Specifically designed to enhance your physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing, Overture’s premier senior living apartment communities check all the boxes for the ultimate retirement experience.

Book a tour today. Your soon to be new friends are looking forward to aging gracefully with you.

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