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Marching into Festivities: Greening Your Community for St. Patrick's Month Celebrations

When it comes to celebrated saints, St. Patrick is the hands down winner. Every March, the entire planet throws a party in his honor. In fact, all the other saints should be green - with envy that is.

You certainly do not have to be Irish to connect with the spirit of the shamrock. Even the real St. Patrick wasn’t a native. He was actually born in Britain around 390 AD. But that didn’t stop him from becoming Ireland’s patron saint. And it shouldn’t stop you from wearin’ o’ the green.

Here are some festive and fun St. Patrick's ideas for seniors to get the green juices flowing.  

It’s All About the Crafts

If the luck of the Irish has smiled on you, you’re already happily ensconced at the Overture senior apartment community of your choice. So, book an activity room, get the word out to your buddies – and their buddies – and celebrate with an Irish themed craft-athon. This can be the focus of the evening, or a pre-party in the afternoon to create decorations for the main event.  

Tap the magic of your inner leprechaun, and invent your own craft ideas or choose from these tried-and-true favorites.

The Proverbial Pot of Gold

Decorate a pot or basket and fill it with gold wrapped goodies. You can use them as center pieces or hide them to be retrieved at the scavenger hunt.

Leprechaun Hat Flower Vase

It’s a leprechaun hat. It’s a flower vase. Why can’t it be both? Transform the cone of your choice into a hat fit for a magical imp and fill it with colorful flowers and greenery to celebrate the season.

Paper Shamrocks

Crafty shamrocks are a St. Patrick’s day staple. The group can make a ton of them and add a touch of the Irish to the party room and public spaces. 

Homemade Cards

Create holiday cards for your friends and loved ones. Green up the outside and pick your favorite Irish saying or toast for the inside. Your friends, kids and grandkids will love the sentiment.

Shamrock Boutonnieres

A shamrock boutonniere is just what every guest needs to get into the spirit of the day. Make them as playful and full of pizzazz as you want. They’ll be great conversation pieces at the party.

Wear Green. Duh.

It’s a no brainer. St. Patrick’s is all about the green. But guess what? He was also known to favor blue. So, if green is not your best color, add a splash of blue to your outfit. Or throw in some orange for the Irish flag.  

Game On

Once you’ve reserved an Overture activity space,  you can decide how you want to organize your celebration. Maybe after welcome cocktails, it will be time for some Irish themed games like.

Truth or Blarney

This is a question answer game to test your knowledge of all things Irish. Start studying!  

Irish Carpet Bowling

The gang will be in stitches bowling with potatoes and turnips.

Add Musical Magic

There are many ways to add music to your St. Patty’s festivities.

Depending on your budget, you can:

  • Hire Irish dancers to demonstrate and teach traditional dance moves.
  • Book Irish musicians for ambiance throughout the event.
  • Stage an Irish singalong. Wait until you hear your friends belting out Danny Boy. Be sure to keep that green beer flowing.

Irish Treats

Surely, nothing would please St. Pat more than knowing the culture and history of Ireland is being expressed through baked goods. Green cupcakes and green icing on cookies shaped like shamrocks, beer glasses, and rainbows add an appropriate - and yummy - element to the party.

Irish Libations

Surely nothing would please St. Pat more than knowing the thirst of his holiday’s revelers is being quenched with Irish libations. When planning happy hour, be sure to include green beer and shamrock shakes. A little Irish whisky wouldn’t hurt either.

Life at Overture senior living apartments combines the best of all holiday worlds: The perfect facilities and a warm, welcoming community with whom to enjoy them. Book a tour today and remember what the Irish say: “There are good ships, and there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships, and may they always be.”

And that’s no blarney.

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