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Where to Find the Best At-Home Workouts for Older Active Adults

When we couldn’t go to the gym, we found creative ways to exercise. Sidewalks were filled with walkers and bikers, and the virtual exercise market, well, it virtually exploded, offering an eclectic assortment of home exercise programs geared to all levels and interests. Now that we’re no longer under house arrest, many have decided there’s no place like home for a great workout. Whether you want to freshen up your daily exercise routine or start a brand new workout regimen, there is an at-home workout program just waiting for you to click “start!” Here are a few popular sites to consider.

Alo Moves

When it comes to exercise for seniors at home, Alo Moves is the perfect place to start. Catering to all levels of fitness, Alo Moves offers thousands of different workout options. Choose from beginner, moderate, intermediate, or advanced classes in yoga and all types of fitness to achieve your workout goals. You can download the routines so you can take your workout outdoors, and you can take advantage of the free 2-week trial. After that, the cost is $20 per month.


For easy exercises at home try, P.Volve fitness. The P.Volve combines high intensity with low impact by using resistance-based exercises to help build functional strength. Members have access to more than 200 workouts with new routines added weekly. The cost is $20 per month or $135 for a yearly membership.

Obe Fitness

Besides unlimited access to both life and on-demand fitness classes, Obe Fitness has the added feature of recommending classes based on your fitness level and experience. There are 100 live classes per week and signature 28-minute workouts designed to fit into your schedule.  The cost is $27 per month and $200 per year.


Recommended for those with joint issues, PiYo combines the best of yoga and pilates to increase strength and flexibility. It’s a low-impact workout done faster than normal yoga and pilates to add cardio benefits. This program is offered through The cost structure is $39 for three months, $59 for six months, and $99 for a year-long membership.

Love Sweat Fitness

Aimed primarily at women, Love Sweat Fitness is an 8-week cardio and strength at-home exercise program designed to accommodate every fitness level. The workouts are straightforward and fun, and the program comes with an exercise encyclopedia that outlines the proper form of each move. The cost to join is $50.

Be sure to accurately assess your fitness level before embarking on any new program. Start slowly at first and modify any movements that are too advanced for you. As you gain more strength and flexibility, you can increase the intensity of your workouts accordingly. It’s good to watch a sample class before joining any virtual program to make sure it is a good fit for your condition and goals. 

Once you choose a program, all you have to do is get off the couch! Ready, set, sweat!