5 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Party Games for Adults

candy bingo valentines day game ideas for seniors

When you think of Valentine’s Day, a candlelight dinner and several grand romantic gestures may come to mind when it comes to you and your spouse, significant other, or special someone. But February 14 can also be a day to relax and hang out with other couples or just a group of friends at a planned event or party.

Here are five Valentine’s Day games that active adults 55+ will love no matter who they are spending it with.

The Newlywed Game

Whether you know it because of the original 1960’s TV series or any of its subsequent revivals, The Newlywed Game is beloved across many generations. Bring the fun to your apartment home or active adult community with a special Valentine’s Day version.

Come up with your own questions that each member of the couple has to match to score points or earn prizes. Here are a few ideas:

·       What attire was worn on the first date?

·       Who’s the better kisser?

·       Who said “I love you” first?

·       What pet name is most used among the pair?

·       Where was the first kiss?

Need some more ideas? Check out this list of 150 Great Newlywed Game Questions.

Name That Love Song

If your friends and neighbors are music fanatics, spend your night playing Name That Tune, with a twist. Have one person read the lyrics of a popular love song while everyone else in the group tries to guess the title. The person who guesses correctly gets a point. You can determine the winner by who has the most points after a certain time or by playing to a defined number of points.

Songs to consider for your list include:

·       My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

·       I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

·       Your Song – Elton John

·       All of Me – John Legend

·       Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

You might also look to Billboard’s Top 50 Love Songs of All Time to get more ideas.

Match Game

To play this game, you’ll need a stack of sticky notes. Write the name of a romantic movie on the note and stick it on the forehead of a participant. Have everyone guess the film that’s on their forehead by asking yes-or-no questions. Choose your favorite romances and consider:

·       Casablanca

·       Gone with the Wind

·       The Notebook

·       Breakfast at Tiffany’s

·       Sleepless in Seattle

Need more ideas? Check out Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 100 Romance Movies list. 

Candy Bingo

And a delicious twist to the classic Bingo game by using your favorite Valentine’s Day candy as markers. From Hershey’s kisses to conversation hearts, there’s no wrong choice. Even better, up the ante and give winners of each game a bag of candy to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Valentine Pictionary

Summon your inner artist and play a game of Valentine Pictionary. Divide your group into teams and have one reach into a bowl filled with slips of paper that have romantic words and phrases written on them. That word or phrase must then be drawn on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper while each team member makes a guess. Here are some examples to get your creativity flowing:

·       Candlelight dinner

·       Love birds

·       Love letter

·       Soul mate

·       Cupid’s arrow

Make your Valentine’s Day gathering special when you play one - or more - of these crowd-pleasing games. If you’re looking for a new place to love and call home, contact our team today and we’ll share with you all the reasons you’ll love living at Overture.