Active Adult Communities — What Are They?

What are active adult communities vs. assisted care facilities?

Bob Dylan or Frank Sinatra? Whether the wisdom of Dylan guided your formative years or Sinatra made you or your favorite lady weak in the knees as a teenager, the question of whether the joyous, carefree, stimulating lifestyle of the active adult living community was designed specifically for you is easily answered.

When defining Active Adult Community living, it’s important to clarify that it is not assisted living. Independent Living communities typically provide daily dining and transportation as part of their monthly fees, while Assisted Living communities can provide other services such as medication management, assistance with daily living (bathing, dressing, eating), and emergency call systems.  For those who are independent and active, not in need of these additional services, but seeking a lifestyle that includes unlimited opportunities for intellectual enlightenment, physical activity and social interaction with those 55 and over, Active Adult Living Communities offer the best of all 55+ worlds.

More Than Just a Place to Live

Active Adult Communities are committed to providing state of the art amenities and facilities in which to pursue resort worthy activities relevant to this exciting chapter of life.

Residents can spend their days involved in an unending variety of on-site programs or exploring nearby cultural and culinary attractions, then return home to upscale luxury. But the surroundings and accouterments are only part of the story. Active Adult Living Communities are much more than a great rightsizing option. They are a lifestyle enhancing choice that promotes total health and wellbeing.

Encouraged to embrace this phase of life with open arms, community members are enthusiastic about creating new and meaningful relationships as they find inspiration to broaden their horizons. New arrivals are not strangers. They are simply friends you haven’t made yet.

So Many Benefits

  • Virtually No Maintenance

Active Adult Communities are all about stress-free living. Now that you finally have that leisure time you’ve been waiting for, it should include some serious fun—not the headaches of home maintenance. Carefree living means freedom from the responsibilities of home ownership; freedom to use your time in the pursuit of happiness. You’ve earned it.

  • No More Stairs

Enjoy one-story living instead of running up and down stairs, use your energy playing a sport or taking a workout class you love.

  • Great Neighbors

Not only will you no longer have to worry about screaming teenagers whizzing by on skateboards, but your neighbors will also become an integral part of your social life. Instead of complaining about the noise, you’ll be mixing and mingling with contemporaries from all walks of life, many of whom will share your passions and interests.

  • Still Working?

You may have retired from your long-term employment but are continuing to work in some capacity. Active Adult apartment homes can easily accommodate a dedicated workspace.

  • Something for Everyone

No matter what your interests or activity level, the emphasis in Active Adult Communities is on living life your way, on your terms. Playing mah-jongg or training for a marathon, the perfect schedule and pace is whatever works for you.

A rich, full, inspired and inspiring life awaits at the Active Adult Living Community of your choice. This is your time to shine. Don’t waste another minute.

**Feature image depicts actual Overture resident(s).

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