Bowling League: Wii Got a System

senior couple playing video games

The crowd is on the edge of their seats. The players are determined and focused as they square off for the championship. It is virtually as thrilling as any sporting competition—and it’s virtual.

Virtual sports, especially Nintendo’s Wii system, have been a hit with kids and families for years. By mimicking the movements used in various sports, players can simulate great moments in sports, like hitting a baseball into right field, driving a golf ball down the fairway, or throwing a bowling ball down an alley.

Wii Bowling is the Fan Favorite

Of all the Wii sports, it is virtual bowling that has taken active adult communities by storm. Wii bowling offers the best of all bowling worlds: The thrill of knocking down the pins without the strain or impact of heaving a 15-pound ball down the alley.

You may have hung up the bowling shoes years ago, but join a Wii senior bowling league and you can recreate the magic. For those who have never bowled, here is an opportunity to get in a new game. The motions may be imitation but the challenge, camaraderie and fun are totally authentic. Not to mention the benefits.

Lose Calories, Find Connection

Studies show that Wii bowlers burned between 20 and 176 calories in 30 minutes. Results also confirmed that virtual bowling improved balance, increased hand-eye coordination and muscle strength, and reduced anxiety and depression.

The perfect outlet for socialization, Wii bowling promotes conversation and connection. Between strikes and spares, new and lasting friendships are forged.

A No Brainer

Part of Wii bowling’s appeal is its simple and user-friendly operating system. All players are required to do is hold down a button while swinging their arms in a bowling motion. To release the ball, just release the button. Your bowling persona—aptly called a Mii (pronounced Me)—will do the rest.  

No Need to Curb Your Enthusiasm

According to those who participate in senior bowling leagues, the competition is intense with players and spectators cheering and shouting. Yelling directions at the balls. Yelling at the pins for not going down. High fiving each other to celebrate success. The enthusiastic atmosphere rivals any pro sports arena.

A Tip to Impress Your Friends

Improve your odds of throwing a strike by releasing the ball when it reaches slightly past your leg and your Mii character is at the line. He or she will probably take about three steps. Go to the third dot to your right (or left depending on which way you bowl). Once you get into the game, you’ll know what that means!

Got time to, um…spare? Pick up a controller and join the team!