Decorating Tips to Refresh Your Space in 2018

February 20, 2018 | Found in: Rightsizing
Decorating Tips to Refresh Your Space in 2018

Apartment design is an artform unto itself. At its core, it’s about creative space management and transforming less square footage into more charm and comfort. Here are a few apartment decorating tips to give your space a fresh new look for 2018.

Before You Buy, Rearrange

Arrangement and spacing is every bit as important as picking out the perfect furnishings. Consider rearranging your existing pieces before replacing with new furniture. You would be amazed at how a new design layout can make a bigger impact than a new couch or piece of artwork.

Area Rugs

In an apartment setting, area rugs serve two vital functions. They anchor your furniture but also create room boundaries in big open spaces like an apartment living/dining room. Before buying a new rug, try swapping existing rugs and see if that improves the ambiance. If that doesn’t work, it will be fun to shop for a new solid or colorful rug that will completely recreate the mood. To change a room’s perspective, try shifting the area rug 90 degrees and angling the furniture.

Less is More

Clutter is never your friend, but in an apartment, it is the mortal enemy. With limited space, clutter can make rooms feel crowded and messy. No doubt you jettisoned much of your extraneous stuff before rightsizing, but now that you are living in your apartment, you may realize more knick-knacks and furniture must go. Once you’ve narrowed the space down to the essentials, it will be easier to find an arrangement that does not overwhelm.

Refresh Your Bedding

As a major color field, duvets and bed linens define the décor of the bedroom. The easiest way to update a bedroom is to introduce new linens. Pick a new color, pattern, or style and you’re adding a whole new design element into the bedroom.

Go Green

Plants and flowers are an apartment’s best friend. They are inexpensive, they don’t take up a lot of space and they will add color, scent and texture to a room. Green plants can provide permanent support to any décor and flowers can be changed as often as the mood dictates.

Accent Pillows Add Flair

Accent pillows are the quintessential portable décor. Instead of replacing a couch that feels dated, change the accent pillows. It’s a simple step that can alter the color scheme and overall look of the room. Switch from florals to a cleaner more modern look, or move into a different color family altogether. More than one person will be sure to ask if you got a new couch!

Change Up a Lampshade

Lampshades are highly versatile and can be mixed and matched quite easily with different bases. Getting rid of a tired old lampshade and replacing it with a boldly colored or patterned shade can be the difference between blah and beautiful.

When it comes to both the function and aesthetics of your apartment, small changes can make a big difference.

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