How to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

How to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

To quote baseball legend Wade Boggs, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” As a kid, you looked up to him and wanted his approval. As a young adult, you wanted to be like him. Now, as a grown-up, you have the opportunity to honor Dad by planning a fun and memorable Father’s Day celebration. Consider any one of these activities for Father’s Day to let Dad know how much he is loved and appreciated.

Take a Walk

Find a beautiful park and take a walk together. You’ll enjoy the sunshine and exercise as well as the opportunity for extended conversation. If Dad is not up to a long walk, pull up a bench and do some serious people watching.

Take Him Out to the Ballgame

If Dad is a baseball fan, get tickets to a game. Nothing creates a bond like sharing junk food and cheering for Dad’s favorite team. If your city does not have a major league team, find the closest minor league venue. Minor league games are more informal and allow you to get up close and personal with the action.

Take Him Out to Bowl a Game

Though it may not be your jam, bowling is an active adult favorite. If Dad is into it, take the family to the nearest bowling alley and add up the strikes, spares…and gutter balls!

Go Fishing. 

Take out a boat for the day or pull up a chair on the dock and cast away. No matter what you catch—or don’t catch—you’ll be spending quality time with Dad. And who knows? Maybe you’ll snag dinner.

Let the Games Begin

If your Dad is a homebody, grab some snacks and head over to his place to play cards or dredge up the old board games you used to play together as a kid. Be advised: This time around he won’t let you win as he used to when you were little.

Hit the Links

18 holes with Dad is a great way to get some exercise and spend some time outdoors together. Or, if Dad has put away his clubs, take the family to your favorite mini-golf course. It’s all about fun and family.

Make it a Museum Day

Getting out of the heat may be exactly what this Father’s Day needs. Whether Dad is into history, art, or sports, find an airconditioned museum with an exhibit that supports his interests.

Fun at the Brewery

Beer has become an art as well as a science. There are local breweries everywhere that offer tours and tastings. Raise a glass to celebrate Dad!

Tech Talk

Spend time with Dad while bringing him up to speed on his smartphone and other devices. Get him connected to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can easily share family photos with in the future. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Movie Night

Find a movie Dad has been dying to see or rent a movie he’s always loved. Make sure to bring his favorite snacks.

The list of activities for Father’s Day is unlimited. Take a moment to think about which choice will make your one and only Dad feel special and you’re guaranteed a cherished celebration.