The Benefits of Using Ride Share Apps For Older Adults


Why Is Lyft A Great Tool for Older Adults? 

It may not always feel like it when you’re trying to figure out which way is upload, but technology can be an active adult’s best friend. There are so many great apps to assist seniors in every aspect of life, from keeping in touch with family, to organizing finances, to managing health and wellness. But the hands-down winners are the ride-sharing apps like Lyft, that provide ride service for seniors, guaranteeing a ride to wherever life takes them, any time day or night. No other app can so profoundly enhance active adult independence. 

Whether you need a ride to a doctor’s appointment, lunch with a friend, a quick trip to the grocery store, or a fabulous night out at the theater, your transportation is at your fingertips. Using the app on your phone, you can order your car and watch its progress as it makes its way to you. Unlike public buses or trains, which may provide great senior discounts but require you to travel on their schedules, your ride will be there to pick you up at your convenience. 

Simply put, ride-sharing apps like Lyft for seniors are the key to freedom. If you don’t like to drive at night or are fed up with traffic and worrying about getting lost, just tap the icon on your smartphone, and away you go. You’ll no longer have to depend on friends and family members, who of course love you, but are not always available to be your chauffeur.

Learning to Use the Lyft App 

Setting up the drive share app is pretty straightforward but it if causes you angst, any tween can get you going. You know the old saying, summon a driver for a senior and they get one ride. Teach a senior to use the app, and they have rides for a lifetime! Your sixteen-year-old grandkid will be thrilled to teach you how to use the app, especially if it means they don’t have to miss hanging with their friends to schlep you around. 

If you just don’t feel like wrangling with the tech, not to worry. Overture Active Adult communities are partnering with Lyft to have your back. All residents have to do is call the front desk and a friendly staff member will help you arrange your ride.  

Ridesharing puts the active in active adult! Now that you can easily get anywhere you need or want to go, what are you waiting for?