Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

washing hands with soapy water

Spring has sprung. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and you’re most likely ready to give your apartment a thorough spring cleaning.

Well, two out of three’s not bad!

Spring cleaning may challenge visiting the dentist for number one on the procrastination list. But like going to the dentist, once you bite the bullet and get the job done, the rewards will be worth the effort. Your newly pristine, squeaky clean apartment will be spiritually uplifting. Plus, all of your stuff will be organized and accessible. Getting motivated?

The good news is, if you’ve already rightsized into an active adult community, you’ll be cleaning an apartment instead of an entire house filled with decades of extraneous clutter.  What was once an onerous undertaking will now be an easily manageable task. Even if you haven’t right-sized and already decluttered the mountains of your family’s accumulated clutter. These simple tips for spring cleaning will get you on the path to relaxing in your spotless space in no time.

Clutter = Chaos

Lucky you,That said, it’s always energizing to assess your possessions and make sure you are not holding on to things that have outlasted their usefulness and would be better donated, thrown out or recycled. It’s going to be much easier to thoroughly clean an uncluttered space.  

Cleaning Supplies

You will need a few basic cleaning supplies to get this party started.

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths

  • All-purpose cleaner.

  • Bathroom cleaner with disinfectant

  • Dry mop

  • Vacuum with attachments. If you don’t have one, knock on a neighbor’s door.

  • A squeegee to release and remove pet hair from floors and carpets.

  • Glass cleaner

  • Rubber gloves are essential to protect your hands from water and harsh chemicals.

 Gather your tools in a bucket or shower caddy and you’ll be ready to go. 

Dust First

As you tackle each room, be sure to dust fans, light fixtures, wall art, and window sills first. It will be counter-productive to vacuum or clean floors before releasing all the dust into the room. Microfiber dust cloths or the soft nozzle attachment on the vacuum cleaner will do the job. And here’s a tip for dusting TV screens. Cloths soaked in spray glass cleaner will leave streaks, so try cleaning those dusty screens with a coffee filter. It will collect the dust and leave the screen clean and clear to be ready for the latest season of your favorite show.

Don’t Forget the Fridge

Nobody’s judging what’s growing on the veggies in the back of the refrigerator but it’s time to get rid of them. Take everything out of both the fridge and freezer and give the insides of the units a good scrubbing. If you don’t want to use chemicals, try a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for a non-toxic solution.

The Closet Awaits

Those closet doors are a blessing and a curse. Yes, you can close them and shut out the mess that lives behind them. But hiding those jeans from Y2K along with other clothes that are outdated or no longer fit is not the solution to the closet woes. Though tackling the closet can be a huge undertaking, you’ll love a closet is organized and provides easy access to the stuff you actually need.

Celebrate Your Success

After all of your hard work, you deserve a cocktail and an hors d’oeuvre. Plan a get-together and show off your newly refreshed apartment to family and friends.