Top Wearable Technology for Older Adults

senior adult wearing smart watch

We live in a world of great gadgets! From smartphones to robotic vacuum cleaners, technology has made our lives easier and more fun. 

For those who can remember when sending a fax was as high tech as it got, you’ll be on the edge of your seat when you hear about the cool new stuff that can actually be worn on your person!  Safeguarding senior health and upgrading quality of life, wearable tech is a real game-changer. 

Check out the latest, best wearable tech for seniors. 

Apple Watch Series 4GPS

With brand-new features like the biggest display area yet, built-in electrical heart sensor, fall detection and emergency SOS, the newly redesigned Apple Watch Series 4GPS will help you stay active, healthy and connected. Automatic workout detection, new yoga and hiking workouts, personalized coaching, and activity sharing with friends put this wearable tech high on the wishlist. Just strap it to your wrist and bring your world with you wherever you go. 

The Tango Belt

The Tango Belt is all about protection, connection and prevention. Easy to wear, and unobtrusive, the Tango Belt automatically senses a serious hip-impact fall and deploys airbags to reduce the force of impact. Along with protection, the belt sends digital alerts to caregivers in the event of a fall.

Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Take the pressure off keeping track of blood pressure! The Care Touch fully-automated wrist blood pressure monitor has a large easy to read LCD screen and can give you a reading in less than one minute. Keeping track of your daily readings can provide vital information to you and your doctor. 

Metria Wearable Sensor

Sticking directly to the body with skin-friendly adhesive, the Metria Wearable Sensor is a discreet and comfortable way to monitor heart rates, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. A connected mobile app gives both patients and doctors access to the information. 

The Jawbone UP System

Slap the Jawbone UP System on your wrist and keep track of exercise, diet, and sleep patterns. This health and fitness tracker combines a wristband monitor with a user-friendly mobile app to provide information that allows users to be proactive about their health and wellbeing.   

Fitbit Health and Fitness Trackers

Tried and true, Fitbit fitness trackers have been part of the wearable tech market for some time. Their latest devices can track sleep, steps taken, and distance. They integrate with mobile apps to keep track of nutrition and set fitness goals.

On your wrist, around your waist, or stuck to your body, wearable tech is a complex science that makes healthy, active living simpler. Stil on the fence about going digital? Read our easy tips on keeping up with technology for older adults