Transitioning to An Active Adult Community: Emphasizes Self Care

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The house is filled with cherished memories. It’s also loaded with extraneous stuff, amassed over decades, that is no longer essential to your lifestyle. The former is lovely, but not really a reason to continue living in a space that has outlived its purpose. The latter is just baggage keeping you from thoroughly embracing what should be a new, stress-free—and clutter-free—life.

The good news is your memories of the past can come with you wherever you go. The better news is you can streamline your life and start fresh in an environment designed specifically to cater to your present and future.

As more and more of the 55+ population is discovering, active adult communities are the logical choice for “rightsizing” your life. Many say they had a difficult time cutting the cord but once they took the plunge, their only regret was not making the move sooner.

There is no doubt transitioning out of the old and into the new is an emotional journey. There is a general reluctance to leave the familiar and the fear of the unknown can loom large. But when you weigh the pros and cons, the pro side of the scale is fully loaded with all the positive, life-enhancing opportunities that await.

Here are a few guidelines to help alleviate the stress of moving and create a smooth transition into the active adult community of your choice.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve decided on your dream location, type of living space, and the activities that would fulfill your wish list, conduct thorough research. Become fully aware of all the costs involved and study any contracts or financial reports with your lawyer or accountant. Talk with current or former residents and plan a visit to the properties that includes extended time, so you can get a real feel for the place.

Bring the Kids

Keep the kids in the loop as you wade through the selection process. Understanding where you are going and how you will be living will help relieve any questions they may feel about the move. Once they’re on board, they can be a great source of help and support.

Call in the Pros

Part of the weight of “rightsizing” into a new home comes from the tremendous task of getting out of the old one. Professionals who specialize in relocation to retirement communities can help you decide what to keep, leave behind, sell or give away.

Dive Right In

The sooner you get involved in activities and classes, the sooner you will meet other active adults who share your interests. Once you start taking advantage of the daily opportunities for social interaction, your neighbors will quickly become your new friends.

Attitude is Everything

A positive attitude and an open mind will go a long way in maximizing your active adult experience. Life will be precisely what you make of it, depending on your level of participation. The best part of living in an active adult community is knowing there are always people there for you when you want or need them. There is always the option to spend time on your own, but you never have to feel alone.  

Sure, it’s nostalgic to walk by your kid’s room and stare at all the old sports trophies. But,  put that up against a whole new community of welcoming enthusiastic peers, and daily opportunities for social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth, and, well…it’s a no-brainer.

Active adult communities celebrate you and this unique and exciting phase of life. With the whirlwind of activities, you’ll have to be sure to schedule in time to sleep!

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