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The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Colorful, beautiful, and peaceful. A garden in full bloom is one of nature’s unique gifts. There is so much more to appreciate about gardening than just what meets the eye!

Gardening is a quintessential example of a journey that is as important and fulfilling as the destination. The end result may be spectacular, but the process holds its own bounty of benefits, especially for seniors. In fact, gardening for seniors is high on the list of activities that support some of the five dimensions of wellness; physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. You may be creating something nice to look at, but the flower you are really cultivating is you!

Smell the Roses – Literally

The most obvious benefit of gardening projects for seniors is spending time outdoors in the fresh air. Grab sun protection and plant yourself outside to soak up some vitamin D while enjoying the sights and sounds of spring and summer.

Reduce Stress

While lowering cortisol and increasing the brain's serotonin levels, gardening helps reduce stress and elevate mood. This can have a positive impact on blood pressure. The benefits come from both interaction with the soil itself and the satisfaction of involvement in a creative endeavor.

Nourish Brain Health

As an activity that involves cognitive function, gardening supports brain activity. Critical thinking about what to plant and ongoing care of the garden helps keep the mind sharp and engaged.

Plant the Seeds of Friendship

When it comes to gardening ideas for seniors the best one is to share your garden with others. Nothing is more critical to senior health than social interaction. Gardens facilitate the perfect social opportunity by providing the gathering space, the activity, and the opportunity for plenty of conversation and laughter. Water your plants and watch new friendships spring up.

Ready, Set, Garden!

Before putting the trowel to soil, be sure you have the right tools for the task. A comfy chair, plenty of water, your favorite hat, and a generous supply of sunscreen are essential to safe gardening. You may also want to invest in ergonomic gardening tools specifically designed to accommodate senior hands.
Check out these gardening ideas for seniors and get ready to dig in.

Container Gardens

Kneeling and bending in a conventional garden can be tough on the joints. Container gardens offer a less physically demanding option. Great options for your container gardens include herbs like parsley, basil, and mint, as well as fruits like strawberries, blackberries, and figs.

Vertical Gardens

If you’d prefer to stand, just bring the garden up to you! With a little help from friends or family, set up a simple trellis and watch your garden grow straight up. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are ideal choices for trellis gardening. You’ll save space, wear and tear on your body, and you’ll have some delicious additions to your dinner plate.


Herb Gardens

You don’t have to have massive amounts of acreage to enjoy gardening. Grab the grandkids and spend quality time planning and planting an herb garden. An herb garden can grow virtually anywhere and the yields will delight.

Your fellow gardening enthusiasts are waiting for you at the Overture Active Adult Community of your choice. Bring your gardening gloves, and become part of a flourishing, nurturing community. Soon you will be blossoming in ways you never imagined.